High pressure in the south – three seasons are available in one weekend in the north

High pressure in the south – three seasons are available in one weekend in the north
After bad weather, the cherry trees at Chinsen in Oslo are finally starting to bloom. The picture was taken on May 2.

True spring warmth may await, but central Norway and eastern Norway will probably stay dry and fine for the weekend.

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The first week of May has been chilly across the country so far, but there is reason for optimism.

– At least there are changes in perspective. A slightly warmer wind is coming over the weekend, and then we’ll see how far north it spreads, says Pernille Borander, meteorologist on duty for NTB.

Trøndelag, Vestland and Østlandet can both expect no or very little rain over the weekend.

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Soon the weather will change again: – a very pleasant temperature

Grey, sour and cold. The first week of May can be discouraging to anyone concerned about the weather, but it gets better.

– Weather conditions are very similar in these regions with increasing temperatures. Borender at the Meteorological Institute says that how much sun it gets varies a bit, but it looks most promising in eastern Norway.

In the south of eastern Norway, warm conditions are expected at 16-18 degrees, while western Norway and Trøndelag will reach 15 degrees.

Three seasons in the north

However, in Trams and Finnmark, it seems more uncertain. Here, according to predictions, there may be sudden changes in three days and almost three seasons.

– Snow showers continue on Friday, especially in Lofoten-Vesterålen and towards the north. Saturday will start off milder with drizzle and rain. Then there could be a delay in the latter part of Saturday, Borander says, before a new round of precipitation arrives on Sunday, with wintry weather again on Monday.

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Further south in Nordland, however, the weekend will be better with drier weather and a chance of sunshine. A warning has been given that the temperature will exceed ten degrees in some parts of the district.

Crocuses grow fondly in the Slotsparken outside the castle in Oslo in early May.

Less sunny in the south

In the southern part of the country, the weekend will be very dry and fine, at least initially.

– In early May the temperature here will be completely different from what we have experienced so far. But Rogaland and Akter are just on the edge of high pressure that enters the middle of the country, and otherwise don’t get the sun’s help. Weather forecaster says Sunday will remain cloudy with chance of rain.

Good news for spring flooding

While many may prefer the full spring heat as May 17 approaches, the cooler temperatures have their benefits. MET’s flood warning says the danger level will remain green for the next few days. Sufficient warmth and dry weather means that the ice is melting at a pace suitable for rivers to be cleared.

– It is cool, so there is no risk of flood damage, flood watcher Tuomo Salloranta tells NTB.

However, he points out that the mountains of eastern Norway and southern Norway have more snow than usual during the year, so things can change quickly once the heat sets in.

– In the short term, it looks positive, so it can be hoped that it will melt at a moderate pace, he says.

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