Highasakite, Imagine Dragons and Brenn – VG

Highasakite, Imagine Dragons and Brenn - VG
Natswasmer: Well, Wilkins, aka Well.

…plus the exceptionally beautiful REM wrapper: The Weeknd’s Audio is presented this week.


Well Kaya – “Night of the Swim”

VG dice showing 5 points

Scientists will necessarily have to argue about which REM song is the best. But a clear candidate reaches the band the most beautiful The song to be chosen is undoubtedly the naked and concrete anthem “Nightswimming” from the 1992 classic “Automatic for the People”. So also in the hands Okay.Kaya Wilkins, also called herself New York-based Norwegian artist and producer. Her version – recorded under the supervision of record company Jagjaguwar – opens gently, but gradually reveals its wings from the sound and noise in which it is tempting to disappear completely. It was very elegantly resolved.

Down to Earth: The New Highasakite Songs aren’t completely down to earth. Although it could undoubtedly look like that.

Highasakite – «Save life»

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It’s not just ABBA who is releasing two rap songs this week. Ingrid Helen Havík and Trond Perso, who have spent the past few years cohabiting as a duo, follow up last year’s song “The Bare Romantic” with two new tracks on the same street—the flowery and heavy ’80s vibes are in other words the most present. “Tell Her Yourself” is the darkest and most grotesque song, while “Keep It Alive” is the song he’s tempting to play again — not least because of the melody line that gives life to a rather exciting soundscape.

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Imagine Dragons – “Monday”

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At risk of appearing like a failed comedian: What exactly is the Imagine Dragons thing? The Las Vegas Quartet has been among the biggest bands in the world for nearly a decade, despite the fact that anxious and electronically courting stadium rock has been a constant source of irritation since the 2013 breakout. New album “Mercury – Act 1” , produced by Rick Rubin, among other things, offers synthetic freakase “Mon”. The attempt to conjure the Prince’s Ghost is of course very unsuccessful, but this is one of their attempts Clear The least awful songs.

Burn – “I’m so stupid”

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We’re sticking to rock—this time of the more fun kind: The Brenn duo may have become less purely musical than they were before, but sweet, strong noses still have their sense of humor and melody. “Oh my God, this year / Peel in the same wound” is probably a phrase many of us can feel in these difficult times. However, you have to be far away to survive additional Depressed by the phrase “I got so stupid,” which offers sun kisses and life-affirming pop power of a caliber you previously had to fly over a supermodel to find.

Casey Musgraves – “Justification”

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Where Musgraves’ previous album, Countrypop’s masterpiece “Golden Hour,” was shrouded in the ecstasy of still-new love, “Star-Crossed,” which comes out next Friday, will be something less fun, like the album. It is the divorce that the protagonist went through last year. However, there is little reason to believe that ex-husband Ruston Kelly needs to shiver in his cowboy boots. No judgment by this second song, at least: “Justified” – a small nod to the underrated TV series, believe me? It’s a straightforward, somewhat anonymous pop song that’s admittedly devoid of bitterness, but also lacks the irresistible chorus effect that Casey spoiled us with.

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deLillos – «It is the sea that is the greatest».

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Yes, this He is It’s easy to undo the title hum of this new deLillos song to Prima Vera’s “It’s Norway That’s Good” (try it for yourself!). At least before you hear it. In fact, our story – written by Lars Lillo-Stenberg on the high seas, as part of the crew at TV campaign “Transatlantic” A typical reflection with wide, swirling eyes on the place of the little man in the salt of the world. “For weeks sailing without a single boat to see” is certainly not a phrase at the level of a Nobel Prize, but the “gang of dancing dolphins” (sic) rhyme with the word “real” is so elusive that you almost applaud.

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