His girlfriend confirms: – OnlyFans is finished

His girlfriend confirms: - OnlyFans is finished

Supermodel, Amalie Olufsen (24), is known, among other things, for decorating the covers of magazines such as Playboy and FHM. Now she confirms that she has found happiness with a man 19 years older than her.

– We met three months ago, through a friend of mine. I was coming to Oslo for a podcast and stayed with my friend. Pablo, as my friend is called, visited us often.

For Olufsen, it all ended with an apartment hunt in the capital. Then she needed a place to live in the meantime and moved in with her current boyfriend.

– It eventually developed into a crush. It went really fast, but things are going well with us and we still live together, she says.

You don’t notice the age difference

The 24-year-old says she doesn’t particularly notice the age difference between her and her 43-year-old boyfriend.

– I do not notice it at all, because it is very small at heart.

When Olufsen moved in with him, his mother lived in the same apartment in which they lived for a short time, while she herself was looking for an apartment.

– it went well. She was well received and we had a good relationship with his mother, says Olufsen.

End of OnlyFans

Olufsen will compete to be Playboy’s Playmate of the Year, in the new year.

She says her boyfriend wasn’t comfortable with parts of her job early in the relationship.

– It’s been a bit up and down regarding nudity. He thinks it was difficult, but I made it very clear that this was part of my job.

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When the two became a couple, model OnlyFans quit.

– He didn’t like that I got involved with OnlyFans, and I chose to stop him myself, because of the experiences I had with her. For me, this has had a very negative impact on my life, so it was perfectly fine for me to stop.

Gradually, the girlfriend gained a greater understanding of Olufsen’s work.

– Now he understands better that I enjoy doing this kind of work, like PlayBoy, which has been somewhat positive for me. That’s why he’s kissing her now, so she’s so cute.

How they take photos of OnlyFans, watch the video:

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