Historic change at RBK: – I have to take more responsibility myself

Historic change at RBK: – I have to take more responsibility myself

Since Nils Arne Eggen ran everything at Lerkendal, the coach has been the top sporting leader in Rosenborg. Now the coach is less powerful in Lerkendal.

We must take more responsibility for ourselves than what we want to be. If you look at how things have been updated, it was always the coach who set the conditions. This is in light of the fact that he was the club’s first sporting leader, says Cecilie Guttas-Johnsen to VG.

She is chair of the board of directors of RBK and has led what they call extensive work on developing Rosenborg’s new strategy.

It was presented Tuesday evening to club members. A strategy the club internally called “always forward”.

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It reflects the way RBK should behave on and off the field. The definition of fun and attacking football has been enhanced in the new strategy.

Interim: Sven Malen is the coach at Rosenborg for the rest of the year.  He remains a candidate for the position on a permanent basis.

According to Jotas Johnsen, it is also about the club not having to rely on history too much, but rather looking to the future.

Therefore, clear action is now being taken. RBK is largely managed by the club – rather than managed by the coach.

Since Nils Arne Eggen took over, the coach has been the top sporting leader at Rosenborg.

Although the roles are not defined in the new strategy, it is clear that the sporting director will be above the coach in the club’s future organizational chart.

RBK’s sporting director, Mikael Dorsen, addressed this issue in an interview with VG a while ago. One explanation for RBK’s red numbers in financial statements in recent years is that frequent coaching changes have led to changes in playing staff more often.

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Successful coaches: Nils Arne Eggen has always been the person against whom all coaches in Rosenborg are measured.  Here alongside RBK coach Kåre Ingebrigtsen in 2015.

– Have you seen in recent years, with the results, that it was a bad solution for Rosenborg?

– It is a result of what we have witnessed in the last 4-5 years. So I think if you draw the long lines and look at Niels Arne: he was the top coach and he was a strong coach, but he was also a very strong player. “Then there were many good coaches after Nils Arne, but I’m not sure if everyone had the same amount of heart or ownership of the club,” says the chairman.

– I think Nils Arne figures with such a strong club affiliation should be sought after for a long time. We must take this responsibility ourselves as a club. She says it’s like football today where coaches come and go.

The new strategy says nothing about the formation the club will play. However, it shows that the club will play attacking football. “The club goes out on the field first and foremost to score,” as Juttas Johnsen describes it.

In addition, there must be a consistent style of play from the first team to the younger teams. When Kjetil Rekdal was coach, the A team played 3–5–2, while recruit teams often swore by RBK’s classic 4–3–3 formation.

There will also likely be an explanation of the current situation regarding sports management. Today, Mikael Dorsen takes on the role of sporting director. In the organizational chart, he is subordinate to the president of the sport, both men’s and women’s, Roar Vikvang.

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– The Roar League was created as a result of the merger and the two clubs become one. So Rohr’s role is very different from Mickey’s. He had a good effect. There is nothing to complain about the work that has been done there. “The question then is how we are going to grow this club for a competitive future,” says Jotas Johnsen.


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