November 30, 2022


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- Hold elections again - VG

– Hold elections again – VG

Election Night: Trump during the election vigil in Mar-a-Lago on November 8.

As the former US president rages over his election defeat, he receives a clear message from his ranks that his statements of support do more harm than good.


Former US President Donald Trump is running hard on the Arizona Maricopa district after Democrat Mark Kelly beat Republican Blake Masters in this week’s Senate race, The Guardian reports. Fox News.

Trump had given Masters his backing before the election.

In a post on his own Truth Social channel, the former president claimed that the result was “fraud” that could be attributed to “voter fraud” and that the workforce “stealed the election,” according to Fox.

– Hold elections again, Trump wrote.

He specifically mentioned Maricopa County, where votes were still being counted days after polls closed.

“So, in Maricopa County, they’re back again. The voting machines didn’t work in great numbers, but only in Republican districts (…) people were made to wait for hours, then got tired or had other things to do and left voting queues by the thousands,” Written in Truth Social.

The former president receives little support for these claims. Democrat Mark Kelly has now been officially declared the winner of the crucial Senate election.

Lost: Trump endorsed Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters and lost. Carrie Lake is late in the reluctant Arizona governor’s race.

– Changed the whole game

Blake Masters, who lost in Arizona, is one of several Republican candidates that Trump came out with and endorsed ahead of the midterm elections. Things went badly for some of them.

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Among others, Mehmet Oz, who ran as the Republican candidate in Pennsylvania. Oz, who is known as a television doctor, easily lost to Democrat Jon Fetterman despite Trump supporting Oz in the primaries and running with him the weekend before the election.

That makes outgoing Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey see red.

We had momentum, we were on the move, we were in a time that was good for the Republicans. It was good that the election was about President Biden, who is unpopular and whose policies have failed. Instead, Trump had to step in, and that changed the whole game, Tommy adds CNN.

GIR REFS: Outgoing Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey said Trump’s participation in the midterm elections is unfortunate.

Trump candidates are losing

In addition, Trump-backed Doug Mastariano lost the Pennsylvania governor’s election by as much as 15 percentage points, a typical electoral meltdown.

But he thinks this doesn’t just apply to Pennsylvania.

Across the country, there is a very high correlation between MAGA candidates (Trump supporters, editor’s note) and significant losses, or at least dramatic underperformance, Tommy says in the interview.

Trump-backed candidates lost out hard in several places.

In Michigan, Republican Governor Theodore Dixon’s candidate lost 11 percentage points to Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D). In Illinois, Trump’s gubernatorial candidate lost 10 percentage points, while the Republican candidate in Maryland lost up to 25 percentage points, according to CNN.

Tail in: Catherine Cortez Masto (right) breathes through the neck of Adam Laxalt (right) at the Nevada Senate race. Here from election night.

Dead race in Nevada

The Democrats are only one candidate away from a majority in the Senate. So, all eyes are on Nevada, where the counting is still on.

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Republican candidate Adam Laxalt leads Saturday night, but only by about 1,000 votes. Democratic candidate Catherine Cortez Masto took the lead as she massively won the vote count by mail, according to the new.

The Arizona gubernatorial election is still open when 85 percent of the vote has been counted. As of Saturday afternoon, Katie Hobbs (Democrat) is leading by 32,000 votes over pro-Trump candidate Carrie Lake, according to The Guardian. NBC.