Hollande turned his career around: He continued for another two years

Hollande turned his career around: He continued for another two years
Continuing their careers: Hans-Christer Holland and Simon Hegstad-Kruger congratulate each other after they finished second and first respectively in the 50-kilometre race in Holmenkollen on Saturday.

HOLMENKOLLEN (VG) Hans-Christer Holland (34) was really sure that this year’s season would be his last. But now he turned around.


– I’ve decided to continue. It wasn’t the last time you’d see me over five miles in Holmenkollen, Holland tells VG after a strong second place in the 50km on Saturday.

– I hope to go to this twice.

There was a great deal of uncertainty about whether the national team veteran would continue his career. All season, he said the decision was not made. But now he can say he will at least still go to the toilet in Trondheim in 2025.

However, there is one caveat:

– If I’m going to continue, I have to be able to get on the podium and fight for victories. There is no point in going to the World Cup if I don’t have the inner level, he says.

Although he was skeptical about the pre-season racing programme, it turned out very well for the 34-year-old resident of Nittedal.

It is listed with five World Cup podiums. The 33-year-old finished third in this year’s Tour de Ski. Most of all: he took bronze at the 15-kilometer distance in the water cycle, and relay gold at the same tournament.

– I was really aware this would be last year, but I really enjoy being a skater, we’re doing family solitaire, and I feel like I still have the level to compete at the highest level.

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– It was also important to see if I was willing to do the work required to win a ski race, and to have some fresh ideas on how I could be better next season. Then I have a very kind and resourceful roommate. Without her, he says, she wouldn’t have made it.

A close collaboration: Between distance coach Eric Meyer-Nossum and Hans-Christer Holland, pictured here during this year’s WC at Planica.

– So the roommate agreed to this?

– I have a family and I can’t think only of myself. You make a decision together. Then I’ll do my part to contribute to the house when I’m home, Holland says.

Distance coach Eric Mir-Nasoum says the two haven’t talked much about the future.

– To recognize the incentive and such things. So it was implied that we would address this question in the spring. But there’s no doubt that the Hans-Christer version we saw this winter can last a few more years, he says.

Nosum says he is happy with Hollande’s decision. The team has lost someone moving forward in training with Hollande out.

There are far more people of this type, but he breaks down barriers, not giving in to accepted reading and facts. Nasum says he is unique in the way he does things.


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