Hollywood star Judi Dench vs. Netflix series ‘The Crown’ about the British Royal House: – Destroyed – VG

Hollywood star Judi Dench vs. Netflix series 'The Crown' about the British Royal House: - Destroyed - VG

Movie star Judi Dench (87) has thrown herself into the controversy surrounding the Netflix series about the British royal house.


In an open letter to the newspaper times The veteran British actress wrote that she believes the viewer attraction is “cruel”, “unfair” and “destroying to the nation” – if it is not specified that it is poetry.

«It’s time for Netflix to change its mind for the sake of the family and the nation“,” writes Dench and points to the fact that Netflix has so far Refuse to label every episode With a warning that the series is a fictional drama and not a show of real events.

Dench believes that Netflix, out of respect for the late Queen Elizabeth and the country in general, should help protect the King’s legacy.

Middle: Actors Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki as Prince Charles and Princess Diana in Season 5

«As the series’ content gets closer in time, the more it appears willing to blur the lines between historical truth and gross thriller.Dench writes.

The 87-year-old has been nominated for an Academy Award multiple times and won one. Among her most famous works are “Shakespeare in Love”, the role of “M” in many Bond adventures, “Chocolate”, “The Shipping News”, and “Iris”.

Dench makes it clear that she is a staunch supporter of artistic freedom. She herself played Queen Victoria three times – in the movie Mrs. Brown, Victoria and Abdul, Shakespeare in Love.

«While many might give credit to The Crown for providing a wonderful but fictional account of real events, I fear that many viewers, especially overseas, will see this as all-too-real.The actor writes.

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The 87-year-old has received a number of awards from Great Britain. She has been knighted and has the title of Lady – and has had a number of meetings with Queen Elizabeth over the years.

2005: Judi Dench at Buckingham Palace to receive the Companion of Honor Medal.

“The Crown” is a huge draw for viewers, but the series has also received a lot of criticism for deviating too much from historical facts.

Former British Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden is among those to order Netflix To celebrate with a warning.

For its part, the streaming channel defended itself by saying that it has always presented the series as a fantasy drama based on real historical events.

«Therefore, we have no plans – nor do we see any need – to publish a warning», read in an ad from Netflix two years ago.

Reuters Tried getting a comment from Netflix regarding the message from Dench, but to no avail.

Series creator Peter Morgan told Entertainment Weekly Earlier this week “everyone realizes that King Charles will have painful memories of the ’90s”.

But this does not mean that history, in light of hindsight, will treat him or the monarchy badly. Morgan says the series doesn’t do that in the least.

Last year: Judi Dench at a state event hosted by then-Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles in London in October 2021.

Almost a year has passed since the release of the final season of the British Royal House series. On November 9 comes a continuation – with “Harry Potter” actress Imelda Staunton (66) as Queen Elizabeth.

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The previously popular series experienced a huge boom on the broadcast channel after that Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8– 96 years old.

Among the new cast to appear in season five are Elizabeth Debicki (31) as Princess Diana and Dominic West (52) as Prince Charles.

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