“Home Sweet Home Alone” on Disney +

"Home Sweet Home Alone" on Disney +

The “Alone at Home” movies have become a Christmas classic for many. The first film came in 1990. The success was colossal, and only two years later came the second part.

In total, the two films brought in earnings of more than 450 million dollars, which is equivalent to 3.9 billion crowns.

It’s hard to top this success. However, Disney chose to make the new recording “Home Sweet Home Alone,” which premieres on Disney+ Friday.

The story is similar to the original from 1990. The premise is that boy Max (Archie Yates) and the family go on vacation to Japan. The problem is that Max spent the night before the plane sleeping in the car, and no one in the family remembers when they went to the airport. As in “Alone at Home”, thugs come to his house, this time named Jeff (Rob Delaney) and Pam (Ellie Kemper).

Originally, it was Harry (Daniel Stern) and Marv (Joe Pesci) who did everything to break into the family home. This time a man and a woman.


‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ is being slaughtered reviewers. on the site rotten tomatoesWhich collects reviews from a number of newspapers, the film gets only 21 points out of 100 possible points.

Robbery: Pam (Ellie Kemper) and Jeff (Rob Delaney) try to break into Max Sweet's house alone.  Photo: Disney +

Robbery: Pam (Ellie Kemper) and Jeff (Rob Delaney) try to break into Max Sweet’s house alone. Photo: Disney +
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Amy Nicholson I The New York Times He was not generous in his evaluation of the film:

“Who is the real victim here? Audience.”

The tone of the review among the majority of reviewers was that the movie isn’t funny, and many believe it misunderstood what made the original films such a hit. Many also point out the lack of originality in the film.

“Dirty, embarrassing and neglected,” is the verdict diverse.

Morten Staley Nielsen in VG He was also not generous in his criticism of the film, throwing the dice.

– “Home Alone” for children who are too young to be “Home Alone”. He writes that it makes no sense as it seems.

English newspaper independent It also gives the film one of five potential stars.

Good acting and humorous script

Festmo Burger I NRK Filmpolitiet It is, on the other hand, more positive, as the movie gives a dice roll of four. It is believed that the film is not trying to transcend the original, but that does not mean that the film is bad.

Vistmo writes that good acting and humorous script make this 90-minute fast, non-committal, though it can almost match the original heart-warming and ruthless slapstick.

Detroit news Also positive, they use letters A through F, and give the movie a B. They write that there is a new spin on the original, but the spirit of the original remains alive.

a light: In the upcoming big movie from Disney Pixar, Buzz Lightyear has a newer look than we’re usually used to. Video: Disney Pixar
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– Do your own thing

When it became known last year that a remake was coming, the director behind the first “Alone at Home” movie, Chris Columbus, was asked if he was involved in the movie. Then Columbus expressed it He wasn’t involved, nor happy that the movie was coming up.

– what is the point? I am against remakes of timeless films like “Alone at Home”. You won’t reinvent the wheel. It just doesn’t happen. Why do you do that? Do your thing. Columbus said that even if you fail completely, you can still come up with something original from the inside.

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