February 4, 2023


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Homeowners fear house tax hike will hit ordinary people - E24

Homeowners fear house tax hike will hit ordinary people – E24

In the new state budget, the government will increase the property tax on those who own expensive houses. Homeowners believe these changes will affect ordinary people.

Here in Bykdøy, Oslo, you should find houses for less than NOK 10 million.
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In the Budget 2023 presented by SV and the government on Tuesday, people with expensive primary homes have proposed to pay more in property tax. Consumer manager at Huseierne Carsten Pihl wonders about the tax increase.

– It affects some ordinary people, so we think it’s a different way of taxation, Bihl adds NRK.

So-called expensive houses are the most common type of housing in and around Oslo, he says.

– So you simply meet those who are currently having a hard time and have to pay increased electricity prices and municipal taxes. We don’t think that was the government’s intention, says Bill.

Professor Carl Giving of the Norwegian Association of Estate Agents agrees and believes that the change will particularly affect ordinary people in stressed areas as property values ​​have risen. SV defines expensive housing as housing that costs NOK 10 million or more.

The change agreed by the government with SV means that property worth more than 10 million is 70 per cent, up from 50 per cent today. Therefore, a house worth NOK 15 million would have an asset value of NOK 6 million – 25 percent of NOK 10 million and 70 percent of NOK 5 million.

The move has forced owners of expensive houses to pay higher property taxes than they do today.