Honda e: Ny1 – Now the popular SUV is electric

Honda e: Ny1 - Now the popular SUV is electric

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(Elbil24): Honda is not among the car brands that have benefited the most from the electric car market, with only one electric car in the portfolio, Honda compact e. Admittedly, it’s received a lot of attention, thanks to the design — which offers a strong dose of retro vibes that hints at the classic Civic that saw the light of day in 1972.

However, it wasn’t a huge seller. So far, only 421 copies have been registered in this country since its launch in 2019.

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However, a lot could change in the future. Before Christmas, the Japanese automaker revealed that it is working on several new electric car concepts, including the model With stripes reminiscent of a Tesla Cybertruck.

Now Honda has softened the veil even more, emphasizing that the model is by far the most conservative E: Ny1 It will be the company’s next full-electric car that will be launched in Europe. It will take place during 2023, but before that time it will be launched for the first time in China.

E: The Ny1 is a compact crossover/SUV that, if it shares the dimensions of the HR-V, is 434 centimeters long. In this case, it would be 8 centimeters longer than the VW ID.3, but 10 centimeters shorter than the XC40 Pure Electric and 24 centimeters shorter than the VW ID.

Photo: Honda

Photo: Honda
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based on knowledge

So far, it’s only been shown as a prototype, but if you think the design looks familiar, that’s because it’s based on the latest HR-V, according to

The hybrid version is still sold in Norway, although the number has naturally fallen sharply in recent years, as electric cars have taken up more and more of the market.

HR-V: This is what the European version of the HR-V (model 2022) looks like.  Photo: Honda

HR-V: This is what the European version of the HR-V (model 2022) looks like. Photo: Honda
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The Chinese version is equipped with a maximum electric motor of 201 hp, with front-wheel drive and a battery capacity of 68.8 kWh. The range is 510 kilometers and the top speed is limited to 150 kilometers per hour.

It is currently unknown if there will be the same specifications for the European version. In Norway, for example, SUVs are in great demand, the acquisition of which is guaranteed by the Japanese. Of course we will come up with more details once we have them.

Honda and Sony recently announced a collaboration to create electric cars under the Sony logo. You can read more about this in the case below.

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