Honey Krug is being abused in fake slimming ads:

Honey Krug is being abused in fake slimming ads:

Recently, several Norwegian celebrities have been abused in false advertisements. The faces of female celebrities are often associated with slimming advertisements.

Reveals the unknown past

Hanne Krug now joins a long list of celebrities who have been victimized by false advertising.

On Instagram, the famous artist is now cracking down on scammers.

“I choose to take it with a laugh, because scammers are worth nothing else. But really, I'm completely damned!” Not mostly on my behalf, although it is absolutely disgusting when someone steals my photos, but primarily on behalf of All those who believe and hope that these fake slimming ads are true,” she opens the post.

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Furthermore, Krug wrote that she receives a lot of questions from her followers every day about whether she can guarantee the products.

“So I don't! It's all lies and lies.”

Finally, the artist wrote in the post that she finds it incomprehensible that there is no help when it comes to removing false advertisements.

She moved in when Han Krug left

She moved in when Han Krug left

“When I receive a lot of inquiries, it probably means that many poor people believe these claims to be true – and are being deceived out of hope and money.”

Se og Hør has been in contact with Krogh, who has agreed to discuss the issue.

This is not the first time the artist has experimented with using his face in fake advertisements.

“I have never participated and will never participate in diet ads! Don't be fooled! Isn't it unbelievable that this kind of lying and deception cannot be stopped?” she wrote under the post at the time.

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As mentioned earlier, Krug is not the only one who has been abused by false advertising. In the past, among others, the face of Elsie Cass Foruseth (43) was plastered on false advertisements.

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