Hongqi EH-S9 is priced under NOK 500,000

Hongqi EH-S9 is priced under NOK 500,000

Hongqi is the massive Chinese electric SUV that swept the Norwegian market a few years ago. Several thousand Norwegians insured a car, before the electric car market came to an abrupt halt this winter. In Norway, Tesla is now mostly registered, aided by the big price cut in January and the short delivery time.

Simply put, it has become very difficult to sell new cars in Norway, not only because of the huge quantities of cars delivered at the end of last year, but also because of the uncertainty in pricing after Tesla’s price cut and because of the high financing costs and slow market for electric used cars.

Bargain possible

Here at home, Motor Forum has created a campaign on the EH-9 with its premium equipment package, winter wheels and a range of 465 km. You get it for NOK 694,000. But if you’re willing to manage a range of just under 400 km and a minimal level of equipment, you can now make a bargain over the limit.

Mil etter mil from Finansavisen – A motoring podcast has revealed something even more exciting for electric-car-hungry Norwegians. Crossing the border, Hedin Bil pulled off the most dramatic price cuts in Swedish motoring history. They reduced the price of the car from NOK 899,000 to NOK 599,000. Then we talk about ready-made cars and the campaign runs until the 30th of June. This means that the price has been reduced by 300,000 SEK, or about 33 percent (that is, a third).

And this is where it gets exciting for Norwegian car customers, because the Swedes have a full VAT on their electric cars at 25 percent. This means that you can deduct Swedish VAT if the car was purchased from a dealer. Adjusted for currency and VAT deducted, the price ends at NOK 483.8. That’s about 200,000 less than the campaign discount the Norwegian import runs at, about 50,000 cheaper than Finland’s cheapest comfort-equipped car, and then some 20,000 km behind it.

However, it must be added that it is uncertain whether the Swedish importer offers winter wheels, alloy kits and floor mats in the price, and that the premium variant still costs NOK 899,000 in Sweden. It is also unclear what kind of warranty comes with Swedish cars, as Norwegian cars have a 5-year warranty.

However, it is possible to get a massive Chinese electric SUV for less than NOK 500,000.

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