Honoring the Jonas Brothers, he showed off his daughter for the first time

Honoring the Jonas Brothers, he showed off his daughter for the first time
Jonas Brothers: Fv: Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas in Hollywood on Monday.

When the Jonas brothers were honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, Nick Jonas’ 1-year-old daughter sat in the audience.


The trio of American brothers brought their wives with them to the gala. Two of the pop brothers also brought their children.

Nick Jonas (30), who He became a father for the first time In January last year, the little girl was shown in an official context for the first time.

Multi Mary Chopra Jonas sat on the lap of her mother, actress Priyanka Chopra, 40, while her father and others posed and made speeches.

Focus: Priyanka Chopra and her daughter, Multi-Mary Chopra Jonas. At the far left is actress Sophie Turner, who is married to Malty Mary Jo Jonas’ uncle.

– Kevin (35), Joe (33) and Nick said it was a very special day Fox News Digital.

They give their fans a lot of credit for their success.

We wouldn’t be here without them and the support of friends and family who are here with us today as well. As you can see, we are here! “We did it, Mom,” said Kevin proudly.

He had a wife, Danielle Jonas (36), and two daughters, Alaina Rose Jonas (8) and Valentina Angelina Jonas (6).

Also Joe Jonas and his wife, actress Sophie Turner (26) He has two daughters, The youngest was born last summer, while the oldest is two years old. However, they did not bring their offspring to the ceremony.

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– Joe Jonas said in the letter that my dad loves you both from here to the moon and back, according to the people.

Family: fv successors: daniel jonas, kevin jonas, priyanka chopra, nick jonas, joe jonas and sophie turner. Milf fv: Alaina Rose Jonas & Valentina Angelina Jonas, Daughters Danielle & Kevin.

The Jonas Brothers, who are also actors, became famous in their time via the Disney Channel. The group released several albums before deciding to go their separate ways. However, in 2019 they reunited and together released a new album called “Happiness Begins”.


When a celebrity or group is awarded their own star on the venerable Hollywood Boulevard, it is the result of a sustained campaign run by that person or group’s followers.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce organization receives approximately 300 proposals from fan clubs and agents each year. Only a few of these end up with a star.

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