Hope, Class Brady Clutches | He breaks the silence about Brathin’s struggle:

Hope, Class Brady Clutches |  He breaks the silence about Brathin's struggle:

The jumping committee confirmed that the sporting director was wanted, but “internal conditions” made the extension more difficult.

The Norwegian Ski Federation’s vaulting committee spoke for the first time about the association’s struggle with sporting director Claes Brede Brathin on Saturday morning.

clutches Requires a permanent job at the Norwegian Ski Association After 17 years in the same position it is believed that he is now being penalized for notifying him of improper working conditions.

In a press release, the jump committee wrote that the athletic director’s struggle with his employer is about “a form of collaboration.”

According to TV 2, the NSF did not want to extend cooperation with Bråthen based on a personal dispute between him, Ingvild General Secretary Bretten Berg and ski chief Erik Røste.

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Difficult internal conditions

The jump committee rejected that Bråthen was not wanted more.

“The Jumping Committee had a desire and hope to be able to offer Claes Brady Brathin an extension of his contract as athletic director that expires in April 2022, and we have been working on this process for several months,” jumping committee chairperson Alf Tory Hogg begins in the press release.

“In recent weeks, the process has become difficult for reasons that all involved must take their share of responsibility for. This relates to internal issues such as the form of cooperation between the various actors that the jump management must deal with.

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Bråthen has been making a fantastic effort to jump the Norwegian offers for a number of years, and the support he is now receiving from staff and athletes is not surprising,” continues Haug.

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It’s not about equality

Furthermore, the head of the vaulting committee noted that the position of CEO of Norwegian Showjumping is about more than just sport.

“It is important for us to point out that Prathin’s struggle with his employer is very much about a form of cooperation, not equality. These are the values ​​that everyone in the Norwegian Ski Association works with every day and the focus on gender equality will remain just as strong. .

I have waited the longest for the Jump Committee to make a public statement on an issue involving both individuals and the organization via the Ski Association, as we have had and continue to have the desire and hope to resolve the issue in a professional and good manner through internal dialogue,” President Hogg notes.

The Norwegian Skating Association’s Jumpboard adds that they recognize that the issue is of great importance to many in Jumping Norway, and that they aim to find good solutions with the management of sport jumping in the future.

He adds that the jump-off committee will not make further statements to the media on the issue now.

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