Hope everything is in place – VG

Hope everything is in place - VG
The last race: Alexander Bolshunov and the Russians were allowed to go to Lahti last weekend in February, just after the war began. Since then, they have been absent.

Ski star Alexander Bolshunov, 25, speaks for the first time about the patrons who broke up with him after Russia went to war with Ukraine.


– Let’s wait and see what happens next. The situation in the world is changing rapidly. I hope that everything that is happening will end, everything will go into place, Bolshunov tells the Russian news agency TASS.

Glove brand Kinetixx and supplier of applicator and lubricant Swix ended their cooperation with all Russians immediately after the war.

References after this: Kinetixx did not like that Alexander Bolshunov was on stage at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow with, among others, rhythmic gymnast Dina Averina and swimmer Yevgeny Relo (center).

Ski brand Rossignol suspended the agreement after Bolshunov posted a photo on Instagram in a retro suit with the text “CCCP”. CCCP is an acronym for the former Soviet Union, of which Ukraine was a part. It elicited strong reactions.

Sports chief Beret Kajol thought it was distasteful. In the end, Rossignol received Bolshunov to delete the post. VG has been unable to contact Rossignol in recent days.

– Each story adapts. Ordinary people understand everything, and those who want to make an incomprehensible event from it will do it in any situation. There is nothing surprising, says Bolshunov, who is Commander of the National Guard Putin.

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It is clear that all companies are under pressure. Rossignol is a team that has helped and helps me, and does everything to ensure I have the best skates. Although they have now publicly suspended cooperation, that doesn’t matter. I don’t hate them for that. Rossignol is my team, and it can make a difference, Bolshunov continues.

Controversial: cross-country skiing star Alexander Bolshunov posted photos and videos on Instagram of him wearing a suit from the Soviet Union. The post was deleted after pressure from Rossignol.

On Saturday, Bolshunov took second place in the sprint race of the Russian Championship behind Alexander Terentjeev. Denis Filimonov took the bronze.

Pictures in Russian media show Bolshunov still wearing Swix poles, Rossignol skis, and the Kintetixx gloves he once received. The supplier’s suspension of the agreements means that no new shipments will be sent.

Kinetixx . shocked More than that Bolshunov, among many sports stars, was present during Propaganda show in Moscow The annexation of Crimea in 2014 was celebrated last week. The German brand believes Bolshunov has shown support for President Vladimir Putin.

– He was crazy and stupid. I have no words. He has proven to be pro-Putin, which is totally unacceptable. We are completely moving away from that,” Marketing Director Helmut Hanus told VG.

Almost all international sports are banned from Russian and Belarusian athletes. The International Skating Federation (FIS), after great pressure from several Norwegian formations, among others, decided that the Russians were not allowed to run in the last races of the World Cup.

Russian ski chief Fear Jelena Valby That Blanica’s exclusion from the World Cup and next winter’s World Cup will have consequences for the athletes.

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– We are not thinking about this now, but I can say that if we get a season without FIS competitions, we will be on edge. Valpi said in an interview that the lost year for us would be ten steps back remote sports.

Pierre Minnery, the FIS cross-country skiing director, reserves the right that the Russians are not completely free and believes that one must be careful not to react too quickly.

– I hope the Cross-country Skiing World Cup will be a place where we bring people together, not divide them, he said Mignerey to VG.

Earlier this week, Swedish profile Kali Haversson said it was incomprehensible that Bolshunov was present on the field before Putin spoke in front of some 100,000 Russians.

– When you see pictures like this, I find it very hard to believe that they will be allowed to return to the World Cup. Now you have to put your foot in more. Halvarsson told the Swedes it’s a bad thing express.

Bolshunov was not much of a talker when he was in Norway at the end of February:

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