– Hope Geert could just be a dad – VG

- Hope Geert could just be a dad - VG
Close for several years: Henrik Ingebrigtsen advanced internationally by taking gold at the European Championships and fifth at the Olympics in 2012. Here he is with his father and coach Gjert Ingebrigtsen during a competition in Bislett in June last year.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen (31) says that in the future Gjert Ingebrigtsen will have no role for Jacob, Philip and him as runners. On the other hand, his father wants to be a father to them only.


In the future, Gjert will have no role as coach, coordinator and accountable to us. But I’m hoping he’s a little early, when things calm down in terms of his role as coach, and he can take on the role of father, says Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

He notes that he has previously expressed that Geert Ingbrigtsen’s many roles for The Boys – the three international running stars – have affected their true family relationship. The professional part of the relationship took a lot of time.

– More father no matter what might happen. That’s what I’m looking forward to, he’s just a father, says Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

“We are happy in Gerrt,” he adds.

– It’s our father. We have a lot to thank him for as a father and coach. But in the end, he and he get to the intersection where we have and he has to choose: father and son or sports coach. After many years in both roles, he never went further. We think it’s best for everyone to just be a father and a grandfather. Henrik Ingebrigtsen says he would be the best in the world too.

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Gjert Ingebrigtsen will not comment on this interview with Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

Father and sons: From left: Henrik, Philip, Geert and Jakob Ingbrigtsen.

The Ingebrigtsen family, known through NRK Reality Series “Team Ingebrigtsen”It consists of seven sons, mother Tone, father and coach changed.

It’s been six weeks since this became known Gjert Ingebrigtsen was on sick leave and Jacob, Philip and Henrik Ingebrigtsen had to do without him as a coach. The Athletics Federation explained that sick leave is accompanied by high work pressure.

Three weeks ago it became known that he is Partially returned as a coachFor Narvi Gilji Nordos.

He adds and repeats that they do not talk about sporting issues together. He says they are trained to take responsibility themselves, and that they have plans that they think will work for a while in the future.

Jacob Ingbrigtsen said a month ago, regarding setting a world record at home in France, that nothing lasts forever.

He was referring to Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

– Take some water on his head. Nothing lasts forever,” the Olympic gold medalist from Tokyo said and smiled.

In France in mid-February he was with him Sympathizer Elizabeth Aserson And the Agent Daniel Weisfeldt as a support device. Next weekend he will run for gold at the World Cup at home in Belgrade.

Connected and Supported Device: Elizabeth Aserson was part of Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s support device when he set a world record indoors at Levine a month ago.

Henrik Ingbrigtsen has, as he put it, made available to Jacob Regarding the internal water cycle.

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– But he might go alone. It is incl. He does not need a babysitter. He may need the most help dealing with the press. But he says I suppose it will show an understanding that he is there to compete.

Clinged to tears: Geert Ingbrigtsen hugs Jacob Ingbrigtsen after winning the Olympic gold medal in the 1500m in Tokyo last summer.

He says he’s now contributing as much as he can when it comes to Jacob’s preparations and training, and he’s “fit to fight.” Philip announced the early abolition of the inland restroom, but according to Henrik Ingbrijtsen, it’s on an “almost normal” path. It’s the same nine out of 11 months in one month Training program after the operation last year.

Last week, he ran 190 kilometers in three intervals. He’s feeling very alert, but he needs to get his hips and thighs to work together properly. He has to get the muscles to handle the load he puts under him. His plan to compete is to run 10,000 meters in Bislet on April 13, with a speed and time (28.10) to qualify him for the European Championships in Munich in August.

It will be Flagstaff (training camp) for five to six weeks after that, then the 5,000m Diamond League in Bislet (June 16). If you’re good enough for the World Cup, it could be the World Cup (July 15-24), he says.

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