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Stein Brynildsen hjemme i Halden kommune. Her avbildet med en såkalt komp, som skal hjelpe eldre med å holde kontakt med familie og venner.

Contact with friends and family, the ability to be sociable, can delay illness for many years. This may mean that you don’t need health care as early as you would if you were alone.

That’s what Veronica generic says. She is the director of health and adaptation in the municipality of Halden.

She says nothing is more pathogenous than loneliness.

You can get down to business very quickly if you are alone. Preventing loneliness is one of the most important things we can do in the municipal health service.

The director of health and adaptation in Halden municipality, Veronica Am, believes that older people can put off illness for many years with the help of technology.

Photo: Ingrid Mathilde Langevik/NRK

The shortage of nurses in Norway is already significant, especially in elderly care. In the coming years, it will only get worse.

Statistics Norway has estimated that in 2035 there will be a shortage of about 28,000 nurses.

There will also be a much larger number of elderly people in Norway. New municipalities must think up to deal with the situation.

In Halden, they used a new prevention technique.

Technique to prevent loneliness

The couple Stein and Tauride Brienneldsen got what’s called «companies» by the municipality.

One button, and then I see my son, says Stein.

The couple Stein and Turid Brynildsen have been given the technology for which they are named "comp".  It is located in the municipality of Halden.

The couple Stein and Turid Brynildsen were given the technology called “comp.”

Photo: Ingrid Mathilde Langevik/NRK

Comp is a hot technology that prevents loneliness and security. It should provide the opportunity to participate in society with the family, without being out physically, which can be a challenge as you get older.

– It’s so reassuring just to talk to someone. Wife says you don’t always need to visit.

The couple is very happy with the solution.

– It is very useful, we definitely recommend that others try it.

More than 7000 vacancies

The Norwegian Nurses Association also believes that technology is part of the solution. Guild leader Lill Sverresdatter Larsen believes he can reduce needs in the future.

Something will liberate the capacity of health workers, but it is also a protective effect. When we all use current health technology, we will be able to prevent ill health in various ways and reduce needs in the future.

Turp Lil Sverresdatter Larsen

Lill Sverresdatter Larsen, president of the Nurses’ Association, believes technology can be an important contributor to health professionals.

NAV numbers indicate that 7,000 nurse positions are vacant today, but according to Larsen, the real number is much higher.

“We know that 20 percent of the shifts that nurses have to be on the job, but wherever they go for various reasons, they will be covered by health professionals and assistants,” Larsen says.

Although technology can be beneficial, Halden’s director of health and coping believes that nurses’ competence and presence cannot be replaced.

We are heading to a time when getting enough nurses and health workers will be a huge challenge. Then we have to find other solutions, General says.

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