– Hopefully we can enhance a lot of what we saw last / Strømsgodset

– Hopefully we can enhance a lot of what we saw last / Strømsgodset

We are scheduled to have our fifth practice match of the year when Odd is the opponent at Skagerak Arena at 16:00 tomorrow. After returning home from training camp in Estepona a week earlier, the team now enters regular weekly rotations with weekend matches leading up to the start of the series.

These players are in the starting line-up for tomorrow’s match: Vigar Rocholt Mehra, Morten Satra, Fredrik Christensen Dahl, Arie Leifson, Thomas Grogaard, Ernst Boigny, Lars Vilsvik, Gustav Walsvik, Eric Blixstad, Ipalipu Jacques, Hermann Stengel, Emmanuel Danso, Johnry Andreas Skillsen, Justin Ekland, Tobias Gulliksen, Markus Meinert and Jonathan Prout Bruns.

The match will be broadcast on dt.no.

A good reference for where we stand now

After a 3-2 win over Viking, which ended the training camp on the sunny Spanish coast, Jørgen Isnes was largely content with high pressing, while he saw improvement potential in low pressing. It’s something the coaching staff and players worked on in their first week of training at Marinelist.

– We were sometimes good at high pressure, but we cracked a lot at low pressure, and this week we worked and focused a little bit on the difference here. Tomorrow we meet a good, dynamic and mobile individual team, who will put us to the test at different pressure levels, says our head coach.

Offensively, I hope we can build up a lot of what we saw against Viking last time, but we can improve the handling so we can open up the field. I think sometimes we spend a lot of time with the ball, we spend a lot of time at the same pace. Hopefully tomorrow we will get more frequent passes and things will go faster with us when we get the ball.

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Tomorrow’s opponent is also closer to the first important match than we are now. Next weekend they meet Sandefjord in the 8-part cup final, and for them the game against us will be rehearsal.

– Considering that they have important matches next week, this will be a good reference for where we stand now. I’ve said before that Odd is among the teams we should be able to fight against in terms of table position, so it will be interesting to see where we stand in relation to them tomorrow.

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