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– Hopeless – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

The game was just 19 minutes old when Leo Ostegaard swept aside Rasmus Hoglund with a cynical tackle and stopped a Danish counter-attack.

A clear yellow card for Ostegaard, who was surrounded by angry Danes immediately after the situation. In the TV images, you can see how Rasmus Hoglund shouted and pointed his finger in Ostegaard's direction immediately after the tackle.

– Completely hopeless

On the sidelines, Denmark coach Kasper Heulmand was on the verge of exploding. He was visibly angry at the Norwegian centre-back.

“Don't get me started,” Hjulmand sighed in the post-match press conference.

The Denmark coach took a breath and then settled with Østegaard.

– So, this is a special international match, and we are on our way to the European Union. Then you have to stay very good for it. Imagine if that cost Hoglund the European Commission. “I think it was completely hopeless,” Hjulmand says.

Angry: Kasper Heulmand is annoyed by Leo Ostegaard's performance in the first half.

Photo: Matilda Ahlberg / BuildBerron

Versus Danish TV 2 He even went further in his criticism of the 24-year-old Norwegian.

– I don't dare think what I would have done if I had caused Rasmus an injury that would have kept him out of the European Championship, which starts in a week. “I think he was reckless,” Hjulmand said.

Solbakin responds

Norwegian national team manager Stahl Solbakken gets easily frustrated when he hears what his training partner has to say.

– Didn't he see Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg's tackle on Martin Odegaard? Solbakken asks rhetorically to NRK.

– I don't know.

– No, obviously not then.

-But do you understand Hjulmand's frustration?

– No, I don't understand any of that. It was a relationship. To stop the counterattack. What Højbjerg has on Martin is even uglier than that, as you can really get hurt out there. But we didn't bounce off the bench because of it. Solbakken confirms that Casper must bear this.

Football, international friendly match, Denmark - Norway

Not the point: Leo Ostegaard received a yellow card for stopping a counter-attack.

Photo: Matilda Ahlberg / BuildBerron

Leo Østegaard had left the press area when Hjolmand's criticism fell. NRK contacted Ostegaard and offered to comment on the Danish coach's statement, but the Napoli goalkeeper has yet to take the opportunity.

But Danish Channel 2 says the following about the controversial situation.

– It was not intended to cause any harm. Hoglund thought it was fine, and there were no problems after that. He is a fair man and a good player. “For me it was about stopping the counter-attack, and I had no other intentions than that,” says Leo Østegaard.

Hoglund: – He said sorry

On the same channel, Rasmus Hoglund has come a long way in relying on Østegaard in defence.

-I was able to calmly tell him that it was okay for him to play on the border. It was the others who wanted to defend me. It just shows how close we are to each other in the group. I have a lot of respect for my teammates, but also for the fact that he (Ostegaard) will go to the extreme. “He said sorry to me, and then I just said it was OK,” Hoglund said.

Football, international friendly match, Denmark - Sweden

Ostegaard's take in defence: United star Rasmus Hoglund.

Photo: Matilda Ahlberg / BuildBerron

In the NRK radio studio, Østigård's treatment sparked controversy. Jonas Grüner believes that Ostegaard moved to the border region in this case.

– He was not interested in football at all. He dives and takes Rasmus Hoglund's foot in his path. He will be playing for the European Commission in a week, and I understand the Dane's frustration very well, Groner tells NRK.

– I am very satisfied

Heulmand admits he was afraid important players would be injured in what turned out to be a close and difficult match against the neighbors to the north.

– I am very satisfied. Today's special international match is one of the most intense matches I have seen. I can't tell the players that this is the most important match they will play in their career. Imagine if they get injured and don't make it to the tournament, it's not sustainable. That's why you see special international matches where, especially in the latter part of the matches, there are players who only think about finishing the match so they can get on the plane.

Watch the goals of the Denmark-Norway match here:

Watch the goals of the Denmark-Norway match here.

-I think there is something good waiting for Norway

Despite Denmark's victory, and allowing himself to be angered by Leo Ostegaard's yellow card, Hjulmand took the opportunity to praise the Norwegian national team after what he saw at Brondby on Saturday night.

– There is no doubt that I think Norway is developing well. I believe that Norwegian football will achieve good results in the coming years. With Staal as coach, he's a skilled coach, but I can also feel there's a good culture there. The players and the group want to train well. I think something good is waiting for Norway, Hjöllmand tells NRK.

Now Denmark travels to the European Championships.

Norway must wait until September before a new international match can be held, and then against them Kazakhstan Away in the National League.

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