– Hopeless – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– Hopeless – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcast schedule

– Oh, my God. I’m going to take the train too. If the train is the reason why your legs get heavy in the cup final…then you have to start walking yourself, Lilleström centre-back Robin Gabrielsen tells NRK about the controversy that has flared up in Bergen in recent days.

It has been a tradition for several decades for the Brann players to take part in the main procession in Bergen on 17 May and walk through the city streets as part of a long train.

Full hair lift

Although Brann has a game on May 16, and a cup final and a trip to Oslo on May 20, Brann’s players haven’t escaped tradition this time either.

This creates violent reactions.

– I find it totally hair-raising, so I can’t believe what I’m hearing. It’s hard for me to understand that the focus should be on anything other than tiring legs and heads for the most important game of the season. 2p tv Football expert Yaw Amankwah,

– It’s not worth the best sport, says the former and current Brann player Bergen newspaperExpert Jonas Groner.

But in Åråsen, LSK’s Robin Gabrielsen refuses to agree with the premise that it’s stupid for his LSK Cup final opponent to spend time on the May 17 train.

you know what. There is no player in history who stood up in a cup final and said, “I have heavy legs today.” It’s the cup final. You can do whatever you want before that. I’ll take two trains. I’m going out to be with my family. I will have a nice day. I focus more on mental excess, having a nice day with my family, Gabrielsen tells NRK.

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A heated debate inside

Bran’s captain Sv Hilten Nielsen had suggested early on that Bran should abandon tradition this time around. After the semi-finals, he said the following to Bergensavisen:

– I’m not sure if he’ll let us go on the May 17th train this year. We may have to drive. There are a lot of matches. Walking on the train in dress shoes with the May 16th match in your legs…maybe that’s something we should look at, said Heltene Nielsen.

Sivert Heltne Nielsen was initially skeptical of the whole thing.

Photo: Bjørnar Morønning/NTB

according to Bachelor’s The topic has been hotly debated within the club, but the choice comes down to asking players to leave.

Fire coach Eric Hornland insists that the team go parade through town on National Day.

– I’m sure we were asked to stand up. I think it can save energy, Hornland tells NRK.

Players will be transported, among other things, by bus to the train to reduce the load.

Is it stupid for Bran to go on the May 17 train three days before the cup final?

LSK coach Ger Buck wants to talk as little as possible about the cup final and as much as possible about the May 16 match against Sarpsborg 08.

But this is how Buck answers NRK’s ​​question about what he thinks about the train debate in Bergen and what kind of advice he gives his players ahead of the national day.

– I don’t care what Bran does. We have planned for players to be able to do what is right for them on May 17th, they are at different stages of life, some have young children and others are in a different environment. Buck says, we opened that day as our National Day.

Elite Soccer Series 2023: Lillestrøm - Strømsgodset (4-3)

Ruben Gabrielsen will use the May 17 to get a mental boost.

Photo: Beate Oma Dahle/NTB

Gabrielsen: – Hopeless

Ruben Gabrielsen is doing nothing but looking forward to the National Day, with no worries of a power leak ahead of what will be an impressive cup final at Ollivale on Saturday at 4pm.

– I think it is hopeless to have a discussion. Of course you will go out and go by train. Go out and have fun with your family. It’s May 17th. Kids will get ice cream. 17 ice because it’s May 17th. You should smile at people, you should be happy. It’s a great day if the weather is nice. But if they want to lie down and think about a football match, that’s certainly normal. Know that I’m out, I’m going by train, I’ll be with my family and I’m smiling and running a few autographs, he says.

– Isn’t that a good excuse if they lose?

– In this case, it’s a new argument, one I’ve never heard of before. But I know sv, it’s not something I use. They don’t have excuses, they’re good at it, they mind their own business. I don’t think they spend any time and effort on this, it’s May 17th so enjoy yourself. LSK Stopper says: We celebrate this day one day a year.

Lillestrøm meets Sarpsborg 08 in Åråsen on Tuesdays at 6pm. Brann receives Stabæk at Brann Stadion at the same time.

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