Housing, housing market | A castle in the center of Oslo is the most expensive house in the city: the price empties out by 30 million.

Housing, housing market |  A castle in the center of Oslo is the most expensive house in the city: the price empties out by 30 million.

The property was launched earlier this year at an estimated price of 180 million kroner, according to Real estate news. The estimated price has now been reduced to 150 million. The huge villa has been used in recent years as the main residence.

Join the amazing villa in the video below:

It is a wonderfully old and beautiful building, which has been well taken care of by the current owner. Significant investments were made at the time of the transition, but also in the mid-2000s.

Today’s owner Roger Sorum bought Uranienborg Castle back in 1995 for a low NOK 8 million. The online newspaper has not yet been able to get Sørum to comment on the sale. In any case, the gain will be far from 142 million.

A lot has been done for the facade, the bathroom has been renovated, and a geothermal heating system has been installed, says star moderator Frederic Dave on Privatmegleren to Nettavisen.

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close dialogue

– We had a price sensor, but we had a close dialogue with the customer from the first moment about the price proposal. This is a price change that both believe is more realistic and correct towards the market when we actively exit.

It’s about marketing the drug a little wider and more into the field, although that price range is very high, says Dyve.

What can you say about potential buyers and other uses of the villa?

– A change of use may be required if the villa is converted into commercial areas. They are regulated for residential purposes, and there is a narrow market for this type of real estate. The broker answers, but there are those who are surprised and want to acquire a private property either for private purposes or buy it through a company.

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a lot of capital

Dyve says he has received many comments about a completely different use of the villa between 17-18 with whom he has been in contact.

These are wealthy individuals or companies. There is a lot of capital in the market, but those who don’t have to sell do nothing, Dave says of activities at the top of the housing market.

Uranienborg Terrace 2, also known as Uranienborg Castle, is described in an advertisement as a huge villa located on a hill right next to Uranienborg Park. In addition to the main part, which is located on the first and second floors, the villa has two apartments in the attic and three more apartments in the basement.

24 rum

The huge villa consists of at least 24 rooms, its usable area is 1008 square meters. In addition to the main part, which is located on the first and second floors, the villa has two apartments in the attic, and three more apartments on the lower floor.

The building consists of four floors. During the war, the Germans took possession of the villa, and used it as a photographic office.

Uranienborg Castle was built by timber wholesaler Julius Jakhelln of Bodø, following drawings by architects Paul Due and Bernhard Steckmest. The Jakhelln family owned the house until 1965, when the Brewers Association took over.

The plot is 1.5 meters and there should be sunny conditions and good visibility.

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Saves several hundreds of thousands

The buyer can also look forward to an exceptionally favorable tax burden, as Nettavisen previously mentioned about the capital’s most expensive homes.

The annual property tax is just under 42,000 kroner, while it should have been more than 306000 kroner, given that an estimated price estimate of 150 million kroner was obtained (base: 70 percent of market value, discounting the lowest 4 million, 3 per A in tax).

The value of the property has been set at a low of approximately NOK 10.87 million. 7 percent of the estimated price. Initial homes can have up to 25 percent of the market value tax rate, so we talked about a property value of 37.5 million NOK. This provides an annual tax savings of approximately 200,000 kroner.

The tax value of secondary residences and commercial real estate is up to 90 percent of the assumed values. But, as a rule, the values ​​that the tax authorities include in the tax return are slightly lower than the real ones.

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