Hovland at the Leader’s Ball on Sunday: – I’m having a heart attack here

Hovland at the Leader’s Ball on Sunday: – I’m having a heart attack here

Victor Hovland fought hard and on Sunday night he will be on top with LiveGolf’s Brooks Koepka.

Victor Hovland dealt with tough conditions on Saturday night in New York despite a rocky start.

PGA Championship

“Boring” Hovland leads the PGA Championship: – From the top shelf

Yesterday at 10:57 pm

– He seems to be enjoying himself there, says Discovery golf expert Marius Thorpe, after birds number two and three were in the box before continuing:

– Good end now, then we’re in for an interesting Sunday!

Safe and good

The Norwegian continued his good and “boring” game through the first holes on the third day, if you describe hitting fairways and greens as bored.

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On a very rough course in very difficult conditions, it meant trouble once you didn’t hit the fairway, something Hovland struggled with on hole 4. He shot to the tee on the unforgiving, rough Oak Hill par, forcing the first bogey of the day.

If he had been severely punished on the previous hole, he would have no excuses when a triple putt came next, and the back-to-back bogey was a reality.

– Victor starts off well, but then there are a couple of unnecessary ghosts. Every stroke counts in these circumstances, so it’s about keeping the score together and taking chances when they come, says Marius Thorpe.

After falling slightly out of rhythm halfway through the “front nine”, Hovland settled into the match, and on the eighth hole “started” the day’s birdie party.

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No. 1 toward the green

The Norwegian showed why he took the top spot in betting on the green this week. On the eighth hole, he bogeyed a perfectly “ridiculous” putt from thick New York rough, and got his first birdie of the day.

– He stayed, straight left, yes, as the American commentators say.

On the 11th and 12th holes, the boy from Ikebjerg almost played PlayStation golf:

After landing the ball four meters from the flag, he hit a long, undulating stroke, and the round was back to par.

That pleased Discovery golf commentator Henrik Bjornstad.

On the 12th hole, he was close to spinning a putt straight into the cup after a perfect drive in mid-fairway, and so the 25-year-old came back in joint lead.

– Absolutely gorgeous, nice to see. Joachim Mikkelsen, commentator for Viaplay, says he’s starting his own birding journey.

When he was about to do the same on the 14th hole, it was just too much for the commentator to handle.

– I’m about to have a heart attack here, Mikkelsen exclaimed.

From there, Hovland has steered the game to “boring” and safe and can take a birdie or two with him on his way. But instead, Hovland got greedy on the final hole when he had trouble left-side. It all ended with a sour bogey, but the situation was one stroke behind leader Brooks Koepka before tomorrow.

PGA Championship

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