Hovland’s collapse after a minute’s silence: – It’s painful to watch

Hovland’s collapse after a minute’s silence: – It’s painful to watch

The Norwegian opened with a birdie on the first hole, and was close to doing the same on the second hole. On the way to the rounding, he impressed with his close game several times, and he must have had several strokes below par.

He opened the back nine as he did the front nine with a birdie. Then a minute’s silence was sounded on American Holiday, and when the trumpet blasted to resume play it was as if the curtain had been brought down.

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Yesterday at 18:20

Good opening

Victor Hovland did as he did yesterday, opening the search for the leaders with a birdie after a fine shot into the bunker.

– Yes there is! There we are now, exclaims Discovery commentator Per Haugsrud.

– I’m already sitting in the chair now, Haugsrud continues after inserting into the second slot.

Unfortunately, the Norwegian was unable to convert a meter and a half putt into what was a birdie hole.


Victor Hovland has shown his close game on several occasions to stay in the winning game.

Holes three, four and five include two of the toughest holes the course has to offer, and here it was all about getting on par, which the Norwegian did. But it was on the sixth and seventh holes where the 25-year-old ran into trouble.

On the sixth hole, he birdied a drive over the green, and on the seventh hole he was out arguing with the trees after the tee shot. On both occasions, he saves on par with his ever-improving close game.

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– He just set himself up a meter from the hole. The stadium is beautiful! says Discovery expert commentator Henrik Bjørnstad.

After these problems are eliminated, the chances of the birds should reappear.

On the eighth hole, he hit a putt four meters from the flag, but was unable to putt. On the next hole, he served a “dart” that landed approx. A meter away from the cup, but when Ekberg’s boy couldn’t turn into a bird this time either, the suspension bracket slammed.

No, it’s painful to watch. That was booked more or less in advance, says Per Hagsrud.

He had to make up for a missed putt on the next hole when he again hit a fine putt that landed “six meters to the right, but level with the flag.”

– That’s it, here we go! Then we bring back the birdie scored on the previous hole, says Haugsrud before Bjørnstad adds:

– Yes, we needed it!

After the first birdie, he had trouble on the next two holes, and the same thing happened after the second birdie. But he again showed a high score when he kept par on both the 11th and 12th holes.

minute of silence

After Victor Hovland’s second birdie of the day, play was interrupted with a minute’s silence marking next week’s “Weekly Remembrance Day,” a day when they honor deceased members of the military.

A minute’s silence could have been arranged for Viktor Hovland’s later finish as well.

After a somewhat nightmare day one and two on the course’s three holes, he got his revenge yesterday with a couple of birdies. But today there was a new square in the scorecard when the Norwegian hit the ball into the water.

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– I can’t take it anymore, Henrik, it’s “Midfjorden,” sighs Per Haugsrude.

On the next hole, he got into trouble with the trees again, finally ending up with the awful double bogey.

Six on the card and double bogey Now it’s a total crisis, says Bjornstad.

Now the curtain has already dropped.

“I’m swinging really hard right now” we hear Victor Hovland say after he bogeyed the right-handed green on the 16th hole and finally caught another bogey.

On the way to the clubhouse, the Norwegian took another bogey, and so it was good to end when he finally finished the third day on par.

He rewarded that scorecard with a combined 16th place.

Charles Schwab Challenge

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