December 7, 2022


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Sunniva Andersens skotteknikk

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When you see it, you can’t tell how you managed to do it.

It is not according to the theory book.

– It’s a raw arm.

This is how Henny Reistad, Thorir Hergeirsson, and Stine Bredal Oftedal, respectively, answer questions about Sunniva Andersen’s first-choice shoe.

The main character herself shrugs her shoulders and smiles when he asks her the same question.

– DrIt’s just the way I throw, Andersen says, so I don’t really know what else I can do.

low arm

But with a boot cap that is different from other technologies, it can create challenges for goalkeepers.

Andersen explained that goalkeepers said they find it difficult to see where the ball is because it is behind the head.

Finishing: Sunniva Andersen’s finishing style gets a lot of attention. Here at the meeting with Hungary at the European Commission.

Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Before the last blink, the arm is so low that the ball is hidden by the body of the wing. When he rolls it, the goalkeepers have less time to react to stop the finishing touches.

It is not often that you meet players who own this shoe arm. Then she has great speed with her shot, although she has special technique, says goalkeeper Catherine Lundy, who always meets Andersen’s shot in Vipers training.

There are many who are wondering about the style of the wing.

– She’s incredibly smart and fast, and her imaging technology is great to watch, how does she do that? , asks Rystad, who previously played on a team with Andersen at the Vipers.

flexible handle

Camilla Herim also noticed the shooting style of her distinguished colleague. Specifically referring to Andersen’s wrist.

– It’s very flexible. You look at the wrist how you do it, it’s very good handball. There aren’t many girls you see with that kind of action, so I think it’s cool and exciting to watch, she says.

Wrist: Camilla Herim pops up at Andersen’s wrist.

In the EC selection, Hergersson specifically mentioned this finishing style, saying that in the analysis the coaches had previously said it was the wrong way to shoot. But today’s national team coach is praising the way the 26-year-old is paying.

– the one It is a great force for us. This is basically what he will bring to the team. Next, we’ll make sure to get the ball out there so we can use her good finishing technique, says Hergerson.

And gets support from Herrem:

No one should mess with this technique, because it’s so cool to watch.

On Monday, Andersen could show his style again, when Norway meet hosts Slovenia in EC handball. You can hear the match on NRK Sport from 17:45.

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