How did Nvidia become the most valuable company in the world?

How did Nvidia become the most valuable company in the world?

One invention knocked Apple and Microsoft off their thrones. Norway has a hand in the game.

A few weeks ago, he stood there among the fans, like a rock star, signing an enthusiastic woman's song.

In March, he took to the stage in California wearing a $9,000 leather jacket. There he was greeted by 11,000 joyous people. He joked with them as if he realized the absurdity of the situation:

– I hope you understand that this is not a concert!

Hwang Jensen is not a pop artist or movie star. The 61-year-old is developing microchips.

Bell: He heads Nvidia, a company that develops microchips. Jensen started the company himself 31 years ago. It overtook Apple and Microsoft this week to become the world's most valuable listed company.

After a few days, they dropped to third place at the moment. But the development is astonishing anyway: within five years, the company's value has risen by 3,000 percent.

In March, Huang Jensen spoke before 11,000 people at Nvidia's annual conference.

The wild development is due to Nvidia manufacturing the most advanced chips. These enable the revolution in artificial intelligence.

But microchips are much more than that. Without it, your daily life would be unrecognizable.

Sometimes they start their journey in a small village in western Norway.

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