How does testosterone affect performance levels?

How does testosterone affect performance levels?
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Caster Semenya was banned in 2019 by the IAAF.

Professor Eric Boyle ignores facts and science in his answer to me.

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Professor Eric Boe claims in Aftenposten on June 22 that “it is a big problem that there are no reliable and reliable studies of how testosterone affects performance levels, and in what exercises and sports” and “this testosterone rule as of 2018 is without scientific justification regardless of exercise.”

It is clear that Boye may not have read any of the latest news, updated and peer-reviewed search In the field. There are several major studies, including that of trans woman Joanna Harper, which… document That boy is wrong.

On this scientific basis, the International Swimming Federation and the International Rugby Federation now exclude all biological men from the category of women.


Bowie seemed to be feeling hype when he wrote that “it is wrong to refer to Francine Nyonsaba as a biological man” and shortly thereafter Nyonsaba and Caster Semenya “suffer from a rare genetic condition called 46XY DSD. This means that the normal level of testosterone is much higher than in most women” .

It’s implicit in this – they both have XY chromosomes which means the person is a biological man, or male. IAAF rules state that 46XY DSD athletes have testicles. Does Boye really mean Niyonsaba is a biological woman then?

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Boye writes that the IAAF “made an attempt to ban women’s DSD when, in 2011, Indian sprinter Dutee Chand was denied entry.” This is a mistake. Chand was not attempted to be prevented from being a “DSD woman” but as a “woman with high levels of testosterone”.

This small difference is crucial. Because when Semenya was banned in 2019, about 46XY were “biological men with normal testosterone levels,” not 46XX. This is evident in judgment From CAS 2 points – 7.

To outsiders, this may seem like two sides of the same coin. The database of the International Association of Athletics Federations is weak. This is because the level of testosterone within a single sex alone does not determine whether you are running fast, jumping high, or ejaculating too long. It is only when we see females and males facing each other that testosterone levels become crucial.

It has great benefits

But if you look at the difference between the sexes, we know that in running, for example, men will have approx. 10-13 percent perform better than women in everything from the 100 meters to the marathon. This is mainly due to androgens that occur during puberty due to testosterone. Thus, 46XY DSD are biological men with physiological advantages. So they will have equal benefits regardless of distance. Therefore, it should be banned.

In running, men will have approx. 10-13 percent better performance than women in everything from the 100m to the marathon

The IAAF received support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, apparently precisely because of the principle of biological differences between women and men.

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Boye keeps sweets at the end and claims, among other things, that “sex is not a binary classification, that is, with only two groups”, and that “on one side unconstructively declaring Semenya and Niyonsaba are men” and finally that “cheating data or using easy conclusions is not is the way to go »

Does Bowie think sex isn’t binary? What is the opposite gender we have other than female and male?

Why does Boye think it is not constructive to relate to the facts that Semenya and Niyonsaba are men in a biological sense in these cases?

Who does Boye mean by data cheating and how do they cheat?

Boye does not provide concrete examples of his claims. Hiding behind the IOC’s framework, which is almost devoid of scientific evidence, is sad and unfortunate.

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