How much does it cost to build a PC with the powers of PlayStation 5?

How much does it cost to build a PC with the powers of PlayStation 5?

It’s long overdue for Sony’s release of the PlayStation 5. At the time we took the opportunity to try to find an answer to the following questions: How much does it cost to build a PC with the performance of a PlayStation 5?

The answer was not surprising based on the fact that the entire way of thinking in the gaming hardware market is fundamentally different from the PC market. Sony and Microsoft support their consoles, as they are games and other services that they make their money with. It is not possible to buy a computer with the performance of Playstation 5 for the same price early in the life of the console.

Now we’re into 2022. We think the only thing that’s interesting was new games or additional services for the console, but unfortunately it’s not. Sony is struggling with delivery, and they are not alone.

The only copies of the PlayStation 5 on the market today cost 12,000 kroner. In this sense, we have a lot more to go on than last time, but that naturally changes when there are more units in stock. Let’s first look at the cost of the last time we conducted this thought experiment.

PS5 price in november 2020

As we can see, we ended up with less than 18,000 kroner last time (with a GeForce RTX 3070), or 16,000 kroner with the Radeon 5700XT.

Same setup price in February 2022

The Radeon 5700XT that we had as a last-ditch replacement is no longer available.

The same setup costs us just over 2,000 kr more than it did in the fall of 2020. Some are cheaper, but other parts are more expensive or about the same price.

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Our pick: The GeForce 3070 will fit nicely into the PS5.

Already here there is something gurgling. One can expect components that are a year and a half old to be priced much lower – and really no longer available. It does not mean that the price is rising on similar components. We find the answer in the state of the market in recent years.

What happened in the market from 2020 to today?

Brief explanation of the aura. The more complex answer is that there are many factors at play that are linked to the epidemic.

To try to make it a bit easier, we can look at the following context: At the beginning of the pandemic, the need for personal computers, webcams, monitors, and many other PC related goods suddenly increased. Many companies and employees have bought additional equipment to have in their home offices or when we are largely isolated at home. This increased the demand for these components and commodities. Which basically means growth for producers, take good note as long as they can make it happen.

With the corona-related shutdown and other restrictions as a result, there has been an abrupt halt or decrease in the production of required parts and goods. Another consequence was that shipping goods from Asia to Europe overnight became more expensive due to limited ship access and other shipping options (which in turn are linked to corona).

In simple terms, one of the basic mechanisms of market thinking is strikes; A rise in demand combined with a decrease in supply leads to increases in prices and/or shortages of goods.

There are also a number of key factors here that are only briefly mentioned. Examples can be mManufacturers and suppliers think about inventory by wanting to tie as little capital as possible into the goods being stored. or That more and more products need more advanced semiconductors and chips that compete with the needs of the PC and console market (think electric cars, smart home products, etc.). Another factor is how some suppliers According to IDC They prioritize other (and new) markets when they see they can’t offer it to everyone. It is worth mentioning here the cryptocurrency market when it comes to video cards.

The facts of the world come to the living room

We clearly see the consequences of the pandemic on our needs here at home. Then of course also on the availability of computer components in general, and on newer components and PlayStation 5 consoles. Because when the production price of a product goes up, can manufacturers also see that the previous generation of hardware offers as good margins and profits as focusing on newer components?

They may not stop releasing new products, but it’s like showing off a prototype of a futuristic car at an auto show; Everyone understands that mass production (at best) is still a long way off. Then it makes sense to keep making simpler, less complex (read: previous generation) products longer. At least that’s what the manufacturers think.

What do the manufacturers themselves say about the situation? at Interview with Yahoo! The finance department said on February 15 that Lisa Su is the leader of AMDs We can expect half a year which is still bad, but could improve a bit during the fall. In other words, there are no clear promises of improvement.

This is a situation we are not used to, and therefore seen as somewhat unnatural. Unfortunately, these are the facts. We can only hope that the situation will return to normal soon. She is a business partner of They provide updated prices, price warnings and product information. You can read more about the pricing guide here ยป

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