How to make a deal on a computer to start your studies

How to make a deal on a computer to start your studies

Ok, so you must have a new laptop to start your studies, and you have figured out something about what you should have. But how do you avoid being scammed or paying too much?

Of course we have some advice:

Check offers and promotions

Once you have decided what to wear, try to be as flexible as possible. Don’t look so much at exactly a particular model, but instead look at what part it belongs to. There are many nearly identical personal computers on the market, and in some cases nearly identical models may have different names or model numbers for marketing purposes, or simply make it difficult for a consumer to compare prices.

So, take your time, and follow the offers and promotions. Many retailers have weekly offers, weekend promotions, school start promotions, or other promotions related to things happening. It could be anything from a season, holiday, or other calendar feature that makes it convenient for someone to give a show, to an opening show because a new outlet has seen the light of day. Many retailers also have customer clubs that receive special offers from time to time. Put ice in your stomach and remember that you as a consumer have the strength and the money, until the time comes.

Having said that, don’t hesitate too much once you find the right offer. Make an iron while the iron is heating, but if you are not sure, remember that it is allowed to call a friend, as well as consult the store about the shelf life of the offer.

By the way, if you haven’t figured out what you need, you should read about it here by the way.

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Check price history

Once you’ve found an offer you’re considering, how do you know if it’s a good offer or not? Well, one of the easy things to do is to check the product price history. Both And You have such, and feel free to check both, because the choice of products and retailers may vary somewhat. If the price is on par with the lowest price it was before, or lower than ever, you can be confident that the offer is good. If you’d like to check a little more, see if you can find similar products – with similar specifications or a target group – and see how the price relates to them.

Don’t buy cheaper

Cheaper is rarely the best, and while it may seem like you’re saving money on such a product, that’s rarely the case – just because the manufacturer may have saved more. It is generally better for you to buy a standard product at a cheap price rather than a cheap product at a standard price.

Cheap products are cheap for a reason, and in the long run they may cost you more money than if you bought a better product in the first place.

If your budget is limited, there are several tricks you can use to get more for your money:

Buy a model on the way out

For laptops, last year’s technology is still pretty good, and in some cases even better than the latest. And maybe much cheaper. Find products or released products that have been sold, and check out more stores.

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Just make sure you don’t pressure anyone Ancient Model.

Evaluation of pilot or port products.

Many stores sell trial products at a discount, sometimes without their trial use. The products used in the demo may be on display in a store, or returned within the cancellation period, but in some cases they may also be replacement products from the supplier. These can be practically unused and the only “wrong” thing with them is they were sent to the store without their original packaging and accessories. Products with minor flaws may have been corrected, but you don’t really need to care much about this: Norwegian consumer legislation is generally good, and you have the same consumer rights under the law regardless.

Here is a small list of some demo options and outlets, but there’s more:

Should you buy used?

It can be saving money to buy second hand, but it is also possible to buy the cat in the bag this way. Not only is the item used, you don’t know what it might have been exposed to, and it can be hard to determine a reasonable price. You have essentially the same consumer rights as a new product – towards the retailer, in the so-called “emerging sales stages” – but some retailers sit on their hind legs and refuse to engage in such a thing, even if you don’t have much of a right on your side. .

In addition, there are many second-hand sellers who have unrealistic expectations for the price of second-hand goods. Keep in mind that the new price it was a short time ago, has absolutely no relevance today.

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The price used today should be considered in relation to what you get for your money today, the wear and tear on the item, and what it costs you the stress and toil if the item suddenly fails due to something you didn’t know about.

Be wary when buying second-hand, in other words, and if you’re thinking about it anyway, check how long the ad is. Good things disappear quickly, and if the item has been on sale for a long time, there may be a good reason for this.

Should you buy from abroad?

We generally don’t recommend buying overseas – especially when it comes to laptops – although there may be money to be saved on them.

Not only are your consumer rights abroad not as good as they are in this country, but you can easily get unexpected problems because the device is for a different country or region than where you are. There will be difficulties with keyboard layout, installed operating system, embedded software, licenses, standard connections, languages, etc.

If you want to sell the device after graduation, the fact that it was purchased overseas may make it more difficult to sell. She is a business partner of They provide updated prices, price warnings and product information. You can read more about the price guide here »

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