How to stream for free for 30 days

How to stream for free for 30 days

Want to watch series without committing to one subscription per provider? Then you should check the Norwegian language Stream streaming service.

They refer to themselves as Norway’s most complete streaming service, and with HBO Nordic, TV 2 Play, Viaplay Film & Series, Paramont+, and 32 TV channels included, it’s hard to disagree with that statement.

Great offer – try it free for 30 days
From August 26 to August 31, Stream a great offer for new customers. You can access all content for a full 30 days for free. There is no ban period associated with the offer, and if you don’t want to continue on normal terms, you can easily unsubscribe from “My Account” on the Strim website.

Click here to access Strim for free for 30 days

The most complete energy service in Norway
Strim has different subscriptions, but check the subscription Sports Strim Mest. Here you get a full package with 36 channels plus 4 sports channels and all streaming services.

Stream Developed by RiksTV. The service’s mission is to create calm in the chaos of broadcasting by giving audiences easy and intuitive access to content they don’t know exists, but will love.

An important part of the job is to guide the audience to new and exciting titles. This is also in line with Norstat’s survey, which shows that more than 60% of viewers want recommendations for new series, movies and TV shows.

Try Strim (HBO, TV 2 Play Movies & Series, Viaplay Movies & Series, Paramount +, 32 TV Channels) free for 30 days.

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You can watch all these channels for free for 30 days:

This series Appears mostly on HBO Nordic currently:

How to stream for free for 30 days

Watch high quality movies with Strim
With Strim, you also get access to a number of new movies and movie classics. Below you can watch the most popular movies on HBO Nordic in August.

How to stream for free for 30 days
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