How to Trick Windows 11 Installation – Guide

How to trick Windows 11 installation

Install Windows without a network and Microsoft account.

We'll show you how to sneak past this screen when installing Windows 11.

We found a lot of things we love when we tested Windows 11 last fall, but even though more and more people are drowning in the upgrade process, there are still a few things to complain about as well.

One example is that Windows 11 actually required Internet connection and that you are signed in with a Microsoft account during installation.

There are no reasonable reasons for this.

The requirements are basically introduced, so it will be easier for Microsoft to get you into its ecosystem of services with OneDrive, Office and Teams at the fore, target ads and analyze how you use your computer.

Of course, this is not something everyone wants.

While there isn’t a single official way to get around these stringent requirements, we have a “back way” to show you. It allows you to create a regular local Windows account without having to enter your email address or sign in with a Microsoft account. In addition, you are allowed to set up Windows without being connected to the Internet!

This process takes no more than a minute and is so easy that anyone can do it by following the steps in our guide. Feel free to open it from your mobile phone to make it available while setting up Windows on your new PC.

When you set up a new PC, you’ll be greeted with a Windows setup that asks you to select things like country and keyboard layout. Continue as usual until you reach the screen that asks you to connect to the Internet.

  1. Instead of doing what Microsoft wants here, press Shift + F10 on the keyboard. You may need to use the “Fn” key to activate the F keys if you have a laptop.
  2. This opens a command line, where you type “taskmgr” and execute it with “Enter”.
  3. Now you have the task wizard, and you can press “More details” to see all the processes running on the device.
  4. Find the process called “Flow for Network Connection” and right-click on it to select “End Task”.
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That was it!

Windows now interrupts the normal installation process and gives you the ability to create a local offline user without entering an email address or password.

After you follow this process, you won’t be automatically signed in to Microsoft Store, Teams, or OneDrive when Windows is ready.

Features like Find My Device will not work and some gadgets will have reduced functionality. Edge will also not sync browser activity between devices by default.

Other than that, Windows should work like you’re used to from previous versions without tight integration with web services.

The best thing is that you can always change your mind, for example, sign in to Microsoft Store, OneDrive, or Edge with an email account later.

Would you use this solution, or did you experience any rental consequences for it? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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