Huawei launches the next generation foldable in February

Huawei launches the next generation foldable in February

According to digital chat station Weibo-leaking, Huawei has begun mass production of its next-generation foldable smartphone. The model will compete with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 from Samsung Electronics and is expected to come with high-quality features, but still end up in a lower price range than the Galaxy.

Launched with the flagship phones of the Mate 50 series

Huawei was among the first companies to introduce a foldable phone in early 2019 – the Mate X; It was updated with the Mate Xs, and now rumors of a sequel are emerging.

Digital Chat Station claims that Huawei’s next-generation foldable foldable will launch in February 2022, possibly with flagship phones in the Mate 50 series.

Under-screen fingerprint sensor

Huawei is allegedly testing an under-display fingerprint sensor and an OLED display for its next-generation foldable display. The smartphone is expected to come with POL-LESS OLED technology developed by Samsung Display, which can increase brightness by 20-30 percent.

If the rumors have anything to do with it, then Huawei is also said to be working on another foldable phone that has a foldable design like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. The phone, which can be called Huawei Mate V, is said to be powered by the company’s HiSilicon Kirin 9000 chipset and will be a fourth-generation model.

But you don’t get Google Play

Huawei has always been among the most aggressive smartphone manufacturers when it comes to introducing new technology and their experiences with foldable phones are part of that. The company has received a lot of attention for standing up to the US authorities – and perhaps the most significant consequence of this is that Huawei has upgraded its operating system and services as an alternative to what Google previously offered. For many, the loss of Google Play is the biggest stumbling block for Huawei.

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More from China

In addition to Huawei, two other manufacturers in China are working on foldable smartphones rumored to be launched this year, among them OPPO and Vivo. Xiaomi, which has already launched the first foldable version, is expected to come with a new model.

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