Hub, Work Life | Odin (29) thinks Nau has wasted his Christmas by forcing him to watch Netflix

Hub, Work Life |  Odin (29) thinks Nau has wasted his Christmas by forcing him to watch Netflix

(Online newspaper): Five days before Christmas Eve, Odin Baden was told to appear at the Nave in Trondheim on Nonstad Christmas, 27–29. December.

As part of the follow-up came Odin et al. Confusion abounded when he and others stopped in front of the screen to watch the popular series “A Christmas Storm” on Netflix, followed by conversations about loose and fixed.

The 29-year-old feels this too is a “waste of time” and has received support from many quarters.

Netavisen spoke with FRP’s health policy spokesperson Bård Hoksrud on Friday morning.

– Even for a movie buff like me, this seems pretty stupid, and this is his first comment.

– When you are in the Nav system, I think your effort should be related to “getting to work”, Hoksrud tells Nettavisen.

– Hopeless

He understands that this can be an independent point to show that you have contracts, but it can be much more:

– If there is no target to bring Nav, they can give customers a holiday during Christmas. Others are taking this week very quietly, she says.

– This is a bit hopeless.

Hoegsrud also observed that Nau was self-critical:

– Fortunately! They seem to realize that this is wrong. Although we can’t do much in practice this Christmas, I hope they change the practice for next year.

– Totally stupid

FRP’s health policy believes that it is critical that Now know the trust they are fully dependent on:

– Such an invention seems completely stupid. It takes something to believe in when you feel the initiatives are just bullshit, he says.

Hogsrud does not ignore the fact that the intention may have been good:

– Maybe “a bit of comfort” was the idea, but it still wasn’t like watching a movie on the couch at home. “If someone had said to me, ‘Watch that film,’ I certainly wouldn’t have done it,” he laughs.

– The room should be a rest for Christmas

MDG’s Vice President Ingrid Leland thinks this is completely questionable.

– Christmas is an important time and relaxation for most people, and there should be a limit to putting extra pressure on people during Christmas. This is especially true for Nav with users in diverse and challenging life situations, Liland tells Nettavisen.

She was totally confused to come up with this in the middle of Christmas:

– It is not important to call people in the Christmas room at short notice to watch a Christmas movie or to explain the arrival. Attending Nav must have a purpose beyond exercising control, such as manipulating skills, motivation, or activities to get to work.

To be continued in the new year

Like Hoksrud, he believes this affects trust in the entire system:

– Stories like this, which people have to meet at Christmas for no reason, help to weaken faith. Nav’s users and employees deserve a system and regulations that do not instill mistrust and suspicion.

Leland says the MDG will pursue this matter further:

– We will ask the Minister of Labor in the new year if this is a practice that the government is familiar with. We need to know the extent of this kind of control of people and what kind of effect it will have. Rules in Nav should have an effect and not just to exercise control and show desperation.

Nav will explore the background

The film screening does not take place on Nav’s campus but is an event organized by an external event provider.

Now has contracts with measurement suppliers, businesses that offer payment services, says Torbjörn Aus, director at Now Trøndelag. In an email.

Nau cannot comment on the matter without a waiver of confidentiality, but is responding in general terms.

– After we became aware of the Twitter message, we will investigate the background of the anti-contractual action with the business concerned, director Torbjörn Aus tells Nettavisen at Nav Trøndelag.

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