Huge forest fire risk in Rogaland and yellow danger warning for many parts of the country – NRK Rogaland – Local News, TV and Radio

Huge forest fire risk in Rogaland and yellow danger warning for many parts of the country – NRK Rogaland – Local News, TV and Radio

A yellow warning for forest fires is in place for large parts of eastern Norway and southern Norway, the regions of Mør and Romsdal and Trøndelag, and parts of western Norway and Rogaland.

In the outer reaches of Rogaland, there is an orange warning, so there is a high risk of wildfires these days. Meteorological Institute.

– It is very dry outside and a slight draft in the air. This means that a small spark can cause a large fire that spreads quickly. It's easy to lose control, says Andre Jacobson, duty manager at Rogaland Fire and Rescue.

Head of Operations Andre Jacobsen.

Photo: NRK

The foreman is on duty throughout Whitson and says he has a lot of people on the job. But the horror is that they won't make it in time because of the great distance.

– If a fire starts in the suburbs, it may start before we get there. So people have to be absolutely careful, says Jacobson.

There is a high risk of exposure to the sun and outdoors

The horror is that a spark from a cigarette or fire pan can fly and start a huge fire in the landscape.

The long weekend and glorious weather certainly play a role in fire danger.

– This clearly means a lot. Now it's better to be outside and grill, or take a walk in the woods and fields. There are many more out there, so there is more risk, says Jacobson.

Forest fire risk and yellow warning for Møre and Romsdal and Trøndelag.

A yellow bushfire warning applies from Kristiansand to Namsos. – Respect the fire ban is the clear advice of the state meteorologist.

Photo: Jaffna

In the event of an accident he encourages the following:

– If the fire is small, you can try to put it out yourself. But never compromise security. If you cannot put it out yourself, you should immediately notify the fire department.

Increases readiness with additional firefighting helicopters

Sun and warmer weather means bushfire risk steadily increases throughout the Whitsun weekend.

– It has been dry for a while, and it will continue to be dry in the coming days, says state meteorologist Terje Alsvik Wallo.

Terje Alsvik Wallow

State meteorologist Terje Alsvik Wallo.

Photo: Camilla Pedersen

In both Kjevik, Voss, Stavanger and Værnes, an additional firefighting helicopter is on standby, a decision taken by the Directorate for Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

– High risk of grass, heather and forest fires are reported for the period, they write on their websites (external link).

Walloe reminds people to be aware and follow current rules.

– You must respect the fire ban and existing rules. Bonfires are generally banned in Norway after April 14, he says.

18.05.2024, at 13.31 hrs

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