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Tesla Bot: In a few days we will know what Elon Musk’s new robot can do.

Science fiction moved a step further when Elon Musk recently decided to deploy Tesla robots to car factories.


In short, with Tesla Bots, we’re talking about humanoid robots. They have human-like “bodies” that can use human tools, move like us and use the senses to perform tasks as we do.

It wasn’t long ago that a Tesla boss blamed “overconfidence” in factory robots for major production problems he faced.

Humans Better at performing certain functionsElon Musk said at the time.

Robotic: A robotic arm sits atop a Tesla Model S at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California.

Yes, Tesla’s excessive automation was a mistake. To be precise, my fault. He wrote in a Twitter message after Model 3 production declined.

That was four years ago.

Now the tone is completely different.

For now, Musk is working on concrete and ambitious plans to deploy thousands of human-like robots, known as Tesla Bots or Optimus, in his factories, according to Reuters.

Detecting the prototype

There must be a lot to talk about The huge Misk Industrial Complex In Texas about humanoid robots and there will be several internal meetings about robotics, according to the news agency that has sources in the company.

On September 30, on the company’s Artificial Intelligence Day, it will also reveal a prototype Tesla Bot developed in the Optimus project.

From a longer perspective, Elon Musk envisions human-like robots could be used in the home, to cook dinner, mow the lawn and in caring for the elderly. It is believed that they will also be able to serve as a “friend or sexual partner.”

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It envisions millions of Tesla Bots in the world. This will become an industry that will surpass his auto industry in terms of value, according to Reuters.

– hard to influence

However, there is no guarantee that the Optimus project will be a commercial success.

Because while “normal” robots are widely used for specialized tasks in factories, large multinational corporations have struggled to create commercially viable human-like robots, despite decades of development efforts.

Musk has a lot to prove.

If he makes the robot walk around, or makes him dance, that’s already done. It’s not impressive, Nancy Cook, a professor of human systems engineering at Arizona State University, tells Reuters.

Tesla should boast robots that can perform many unrecorded actions, to impress, she says.

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