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This word was hard …

McCarthy, 56, a Republican leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, has called for the resignation of US President George W. Bush, 81.

It happened: At a donation party in the US state of Tennessee on Saturday, McCarthy hoped he could win a majority in the House of Representatives again in next year’s midterm elections.

At the event, he presented an enlarged version of the iconic hammer of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. McCarthy later said, according to reporters who came there, if the current majority leader Pelosi wanted to hand over the hammer to him after the election, he would need a great deal of effort not to beat her.

In the audio recording of a reporter in the Main Street Nash newspaper, you may hear the following sentence: “You should see Nancy Pelosi giving me a hammer. It would be hard not to hit her. “

Democrats California MPs Ted Liu, 52, and Eric Swallowell, 40, asked McCarthy to apologize to Pelosi or resign. “Violence against women is not a joke,” Democratic MP Theresa Lager Fernandez, 62, of New Mexico, wrote on Twitter.

“Reports like this have led to violence and death in US capital,” Michigan MEP Debbie Dingle, 67, tweeted.

Hurricane Capital on January 6 is considered a black day in American democratic history. Supporters of then-President Donald Trump (75) stormed the Congress seat as Democrat leader Joe Biden (78)’s election victory was confirmed in the November 3 presidential election. Five people, including a police officer, were killed in the violence.

Trump had previously reiterated his utterly baseless accusation of massive electoral fraud when he appeared in the presence of supporters in Washington and urged his audience to march to the Capitol and “fight for the devil.”

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