Hundreds of immigrants want to enter Poland – VG

Hundreds of immigrants want to enter Poland - VG

On Monday, Polish soldiers used tear gas against migrants trying to enter Belarus.


Poland declared a state of emergency at the border and deployed armed soldiers to prevent migrants from entering Belarus from the country.

There are currently hundreds of migrants at the border between Bruzgi and Kuźnica.

“More than 12,000 soldiers are on duty at the border,” Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said via Twitter on Monday.

– We are ready to defend the Polish border, he adds.

Video images in . format Social media Migrants appear along the road and soldiers standing in the way. Immigrants also have no chance of getting around. Belarusian soldiers take care of this.

One video on Twitter It is said that Belarusian soldiers are pushing women and children to the Polish side.

The Polish Ministry of Defense published one Video We see migrants trying to cut the barbed wire fence while soldiers use tear gas.

in a tweet The Polish Ministry of Defense published shortly before 3 pm on Monday that “all measures taken by immigrants are carried out under the supervision and control of Belarusian soldiers.”

Crisis meeting in Poland

Polish forces used tear gas on Monday against migrants trying to cross the border, according to Polish newspaper Wyborksa.

At 1 p.m., Polish border guards reported via Twitter that the Belarusians led a group of migrants to the border fence and tried to take them to Poland, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

– The images we are now seeing from the border areas between Belarus and Poland are very disturbing, Anders Albo, Norway spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, tells VG.

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The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has repeatedly said that it is completely unacceptable to exploit refugees and migrants in a political game. Now action is needed and we urge Belarus to avoid putting lives at risk, Albo continues.

Poland’s political leadership held an emergency meeting Monday afternoon on the situation.

We take all precautions to prevent migrants from crossing the border. These groups are not only close to the border in Koznica, but also in Poloce. Most of them are young people, but also women and children, a spokesman for Polish authorities said after the crisis meeting, according to Wiburxa.

A new emergency meeting was announced at 2:30 p.m.

It is said that many of them lost their lives

Immigrants in Belarus previously told VG about travel agencies such as Sells “tours” to European Union countries Via Belarus.

Many migrants have now been at the border for several weeks. Several of them were said to have been beaten when they tried to return to Belarus.

Now they live in the open, on cold nights and without enough food and drink.

At least six people must have died in the border areas.

From the Polish side, the migrants are allegedly under the strict control of Belarusian soldiers, but one of the migrants said accordingly Webworks The initiative to join the squadron came from immigrants from Iraq.

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It is said that immigrants have been lured to Belarus through fake travel tours

political game

Reuters reported that Lithuania decided to move more soldiers to the border with Belarus. The Lithuanian government is also considering declaring a state of emergency, as has Poland.

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The background of the crisis is that the Baltic states and Poland are taking refuge Belarusian opposition against President Alexander Lukashenko, He is often referred to as the last dictator in Europe.

The European Union has accused Belarus of an influx of migrants in response to EU sanctions against the regime’s handling of the country’s opposition.

Already in May, Lukashenko warned that he would no longer prevent migrants from moving to the EU, as a punishment for the EU’s tightening of sanctions against Belarus.

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