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The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association believes, in general, that it is positive that the ministry is now proposing to simplify.

– This was a complete emergency, says Kåre Heggebø. He says the ministry is absorbing some of the Hunters Association’s input, but the organization believes there is still room for further simplification.

NFD Press Release

New tracking and reporting requirements for fishing fleets between 11 and 15 meters took effect on 1 July.

Discussing the amendments, the minister said that there will be a solution to reporting unclassified species of fish where there are small quantities, and there will be a strong simplification of the reporting requirements for lock fishing. Specifically, the possibility of providing a simpler notice of departure is being considered.

The ministry has asked the Directorate of Fisheries and Coast Guard to coordinate their reporting requirements, so that the fisherman only needs to report in one solution.

The Ministry is now in a dialogue with the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries to find good practical solutions to address this matter quickly.

The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Bjornard Scheran, noted that:

– We have to control the fish that are taken from the sea, and we have to strengthen the action against cheating and this will increase the safety. In addition, it will give me, as Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, an important basis for defending fisheries interests at a time when more people will use the sea.

Read the full press release from the Ministry of Commerce and Fisheries at this link

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On the part of Fiskarlaget, we do not disagree that the authorities have the right to fish and should have control over it.

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– We understand that the authorities are offering some relief, among other things, practical consideration is being given to the fact that there will be a lot of trouble in all the reports for those who trap the fish – which is very good, points out Heggebø.

The Fishermen’s Association is pleased that the organization has been heard regarding the possibility of joint fishing registration, which will ease the burden on mixed fisheries.

– Therefore, it is important for the ministry to set specific values ​​to ensure that the target group is well reached. Kåre Heggebø says Fiskarlaget wants to be a constructive partner in this regard.

He notes that the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association has consistently called for the “port of departure notice” to be rescinded. The Hunting Association is now excited about what simplification entails in practice.

For fishermen, it’s all about being able to decompress and get out into fishing grounds without having to report many details about it. Fisheries authorities have access to tracking that shows where ships go and where they are. Fiskarlaget believes that authorities should continue to work with automated solutions to the notification in question, and believes that much can be resolved through software and automatic data sharing. So we do not consider ourselves to be done with this matter yet, as the leader of Fiskarlaget concludes.

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