Hurricane Beryl hits tourist areas in Mexico

Hurricane Beryl hits tourist areas in Mexico

Erlind, 25, woke up to loud explosions as Beryl struck Mexico.

Erlend Skog Ingebrigtsen (25) is on holiday on the Mexican island of Cozumel. The worst of the winds had just subsided when VG spoke to him.

“We woke up to quite a few explosions and loud noises last night, but otherwise we had a really good time and only lost energy,” says Bodøværingen.

Towards Mexico, Beryl's strength decreased significantly.

A hurricane warning has been issued for the coast from Puerto Costa Maya to Cancun, including Cozumel.

Beryl was downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm on Friday, Reuters reported.

Picture of Erlind Skog Ingebrigtsen (25)

– It was a mild autumn storm in northern Norway, according to the northerner himself.

It lives in the middle of the island, which is more protected from the winds.

“It’s not us, the privileged tourists, who are to blame,” says Ingebrigtsen. “It’s the locals who may have lost their homes and are living in more vulnerable areas.”

Many people in Norway were worried and asked Ingebrigtsen to evacuate.

When VG talks to him on Friday evening, he can report blue skies after a stormy night.

Cancelled flights

The storm moved across the Yucatan Peninsula to the coastal resort of Tulum in Mexico.

On Friday, about 1,000 flights were canceled in the popular Mexican holiday city of Cancun, Reuters reported, as more tourists flocked to the airport to catch the last flights.

Beryl is expected to continue its journey into the Gulf of Mexico before strengthening again and hitting Mexico and southern Texas on Monday.

Mexico's civil protection agency has issued a red alert, the highest level.

They asked residents to stay in their homes or seek refuge.

– There could be dangerous winds, storm surges and damaging waves in the area hit by the hurricane, according to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC).

Mexican government workers began removing sea turtle eggs from beaches on Wednesday in anticipation of Hurricane Beryl. Photo: Fernando Llano/AFP

Latest updates for Pearl:

  • Eleven people have been lost so far after Beryl's woes.
  • The death toll could rise as more information becomes available. Communications have been cut off in several locations.
  • The British Ministry of Defence said on Thursday that the British Navy will help with relief efforts after the Beryl sank in the Cayman Islands. The archipelago is considered a “non-self-governing territory” and remains owned by Great Britain, according to the statement. United nations.
  • In Jamaica, airports have been closed since Wednesday. By Wednesday evening, nearly 1,000 Jamaicans were evacuated to shelters.
  • In Venezuela, 8,000 homes were damaged, and on one island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, more than 90 percent of all buildings were destroyed.
  • The storm was previously considered Category 5which is the highest level. Here, winds can blow at speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour.

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Red Cross workers with an evacuee from Union Island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Photo: Lucanus Olivier/AFP

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