Hurtigruta MS Kong Harald M motorre and Romsdal – NRK Møre og Romsdal – with motor parking outside the Bud on Hustadvika on local news, television and radio.

Hurtigruta MS Kong Harald M motorre and Romsdal - NRK Møre og Romsdal - with motor parking outside the Bud on Hustadvika on local news, television and radio.

Last 22.43: HRS said the ship was carrying 236 passengers and 70 crew. The ship started on a main engine, lifted the anchor and is now heading towards its own engine towards Moldova. The anchor ship “ML Saltford” will follow the “MS Cong Herald” toward port.

MS King Harold Bergen and Kirkenes were on scheduled transport, and HRS reports that he was traveling south from Christianund to Moldova.

Thus, the most dramatic rescue operation would end without any of the 306 passengers being injured.

Manage Scottlestein

Houstadvika is a terrible sea area, and the same sea area where “Viking Sky” had major problems two years ago.

NRK reporter Webjørn is in Espeland and he says there is a strong wind and white wave ridges in the area. Five small boats are aboard the ship for assistance.

According to AIS data on marine traffic, the ship is running at 2.5 knots for its own engine.

On Tuesday night, many shoe makers closely followed the play.

Many have come to follow the rescue operation closely.

Photo: Webjørn Espeland / NRK

First launched on a machine

At 21.44, HRS announced that the ship had started on one engine. By then, the ship had already released two anchors, several minutes after it had reached shore.

Four helicopters “KV Sorland” and “KV Njord” are in operation, the boats “Eric Pi”, “Idar Ulstein” and “DNV II”.

King Harold.  Ahead we see KL Saltfjord

MS Kong Harold and KL Saltford from the fishing boat Arco Jr.

Photo: Arco Jr.

– The ship has now started on one engine. The ship receives assistance from other ships in the area. Hardigrutton has now seen the staff to handle the incident, press officer Tarzi Gramwigan wrote to the NRK just before 10pm.

MS Kong Harold and KL Saltford from the fishing boat Arco Jr.

– Quiet environment

Anne Berid Roth from Voss was one of the passengers on board the ship. He told the NRK that passengers quickly realized something was wrong.

– We realized there was a problem with the machines, we heard it in the sound, and then the information came on the speakers. We calculated that they were in control. The atmosphere is completely calm, she says.

She describes the situation as unexplained, and says Hardigruton is on her way to landing. Klet thinks they are going to Mold.

– There is a boat following us, she says. She looks bright.

Anne Perry Rothglet

Anne Perry says Roth Clet was in the MS Cong Herald and the passengers quickly realized that something was wrong.

Photo: Private

– May Day, May Day

The main rescue center in southern Norway says they have begun a rescue operation and that there are four helicopters on the way.

The former owners are sending the Mayday message on Coastal Radio tonight, showing NRK accessed video.

– May Day, May Day. This is King Harold. We are without progress, please report the bridge. It is unknown how many passengers were on board with Hardigre heading south on Tuesday night.

Helicopter on the way to Hardigrutton

The municipal crisis saw staff

Mayor Dow Hennen says the Houstadvika municipality saw the crisis staff and may now be in town hall. They mobilize Brainhall as an exit center. The hall was also used as an evacuation town when there were difficulties in the Viking Sky area.

– Hennin told NRK that now we must take all precautionary measures until we find out more.

Mayor Dow Hensen (SP) in the municipality of Houstadvika

Mayor Dow Hensen (SP) in Hastadvika says they saw the crisis staff.

Photo: Roarstrom

Get ready for the exits

The fire brigade in Butt is in the process of preparing the landing area for the helicopter and is preparing to receive the evacuees.

– It’s only a few hundred meters of visibility, so we do not see the ship, says John Einar Solheim. He is in the daily camp at the Briggen Cafe in Patil. He says they open the restaurant if people need shelter or food.

Ambulance and police at Brainhall

Large forces of police and health service are known to go to Brainhall and are ready to welcome passengers and staff.

Photo: Eric Hockenis / NRK

Bad weather in the region

Follow Light winds blew in the area. According to several eyewitnesses who spoke to the NRK, there must have been poor visibility and shutters in the area.

In the same incident an ambulance boat capsized, another ambulance boat and a helicopter go into the crash to evacuate four people. None of them should be injured.

Fear of the sea

Hustadvika is a terrible sea area with polluted water. Viking Sky crashed in the same area in less than two years. Hundreds of passengers were rescued ashore and its breath caught around the world.

Viking Sky

Viking Sky is just a minute away from crashing in that area in March 2019.

Photo: Gse Creed Forstot

It was only after 9pm that the main rescue center alarm went off that there was an engine stop for Hardcroton.

The MS Kong Herald was built in 1993 and can accommodate 590 passengers.

Webcam with HardyCrude
Photo: MS Kong Harold webcam

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