Hydropower can be ‘refined’ to balance the energy

Hydropower can be 'refined' to balance the energy

A little new hydroelectricity and new wind energy – plus a little solar energy – will not cover the need for new energy for electricity, According to the discussion post Who was he. Sven Novick and Professor Jan Emblemsvag. They want to build nuclear power plants because Norway needs a “strong workforce”!

with 1400 MW power cables For Germany and England, southern Norway is now a small part of a large energy market in Europe, where the price of energy is largely controlled by different conditions in other, larger countries. With so much weather-dependent energy production, the price of energy can also be “too high” when the wind is weak, and nearly free energy when it is strong.

A “work accident” to shut down nuclear power plants

German political decision on Phase out all nuclear power It can be described as a serious “occupational accident” in a climatic context. Perhaps there is only one possibility, if both nuclear power and Lots of coal power In Germany it will be phased out: then there will be huge investment in wind energy from the North Sea to Germany, likely to come from the British, Dutch and Danish shelf, as well as the little German shelf there.

With so much wind going out in the North Sea, there is also a very big need to “balance” the uneven energy production there, with the special “balanced power plants” in southern Norway: i.e. pumping power plants and “power plants”- And few of those are more than what is mentioned in the ten-year-old report.”Increased balanced power capacity at Norwegian hydroelectric power plants».

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“refining” hydroelectric power

Statkraft planned “power plants” nearby Moranger Power Station In Hardanger, with a short access tunnel and a large ramp. Perhaps an additional pumped storage power plant could also be built near Jukla? This means that all energy production there can be concentrated in periods of relatively weak winds over the North Sea and exported by cable through the Hardanger Strait and further south into the North Sea.

With a number of such projects in the south and west of the country, much of the regular hydro could be “refined” into balanced energy that is highly valued in markets that have plenty of wind power, but unevenly. It is likely that the net export of energy will be so great that it cannot be offset by more hydro and wind power, so the nuclear power plants must be built in Norway, rather than in Germany.

In January 2021, I wrote an article at TU with Proposal for a nuclear power plant west of the exit from Øyeren in Østfold. With such a generating plant located there, eastern Norway becomes less dependent on energy than western Norway, so hydroelectricity there can be “refined” to balance power and exported south and west to the North Sea.

Another possibility is that a Swedish company could build a large nuclear power plant there to replace an old nuclear power plant in southern Sweden when it has to be closed.


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