Hyundai Ioniq 5 will be new – Ioniq 5 will be upgraded

Hyundai Ioniq 5 will be new - Ioniq 5 will be upgraded

(Elbil24): The Ioniq 5 was the most talked about electric car news last year, managing to register 4,649 copies so far in this country. In fact, it became the most-recorded car in Norway in February, according to

Especially versions that run on all four wheels were popular, and at the time of writing they were Long waiting lists for these.

The car has a battery pack with a capacity of 72.6 kWh, which gives a range of 460 km in the all-wheel drive version and 481 km in operation on the rear wheels, measured according to the WLTP standard.

Better range, faster charging

Sister Model Kia EV6 It is built on the same platform and shares most of the technical components, but the battery pack in the long-range versions has a slightly better capacity, at 77.4 kWh. This is one of the reasons why the EV6 has better range (up to 528 km).

Now the Ioniq 5 is also being upgraded with a similar-capacity battery, Hyundai confirms, which is likely to provide an improvement in a range of around 30 kilometres.

In addition, the upgraded version will have a preheating of the battery. By specifying where the charging is located in the navigation system, the system will ensure that the battery temperature is optimal when arriving at the charging station.

This should ensure a better charging speed, especially when it’s cold. The Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6 have had to endure criticism that charging speed can be noticeably slower when the weather is cold.

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In addition, the car gets an improved suspension system that ensures better response from the front and rear axles, something Hyundai promises will provide better driving comfort.

Finally, you’ll also be able to order the vehicle with the camera’s inside and outside mirrors. The interior mirror improves visibility to the rear thanks to the raised camera at the back. Digital outside mirrors on the doors will ensure low air resistance with the low consumption associated with it.

Updated 1.3.2022: We just received confirmation of new pricing from Hyundai. and this is:

  • IONIQ 5 Long Range RWD Premium – 479000 kr
  • IONIQ 5 Long Range AWD Premium – 509,000 kr
  • Attachment for 20″ alloy wheels – 5000 kroner
  • Accessory to Vision Package (requires 20″ alloy wheels) – NOK 15,000
  • Accessory for Vision Pack Plus (requires Vision Pack) – 15,000 NOK
    Additionally, there is an additional delivery cost of NOK 10,900

It’s late this year

Hyundai confirms that the upgraded Ioniq 5 will be available to Norwegian customers in the second half of 2022.

Elbil24 has tested the Ioniq 5 on several occasions and has also conducted a comparison test with the Kia EV6. You can find it here:

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