I also understand the rules of commuter housing – VG

I also understand the rules of commuter housing - VG
NUMBER 2: Storting leader Masood Gharahkani (Labor) became the second president of Storting during this period, after party colleague Eva Kristin Hansen was forced to resign following a commuter housing revelation.

Passenger homes may have been seen as a privilege by some members of Sporting, the chairman of Sporting agrees. He also understands those who question whether politicians will escape more easily than Nav customers if they break the rules.


After the newspaper revealed how many politicians are, Sorting leader Masood Karahkani (Labor) met with the VG. Before they were selected for Sorting they got a passenger apartment even though they lived in Oslo and owned a house of their own..

Viji was interviewed before writing about his party friend Hadia Tajik Sunday.

Both Professor Emeritus Arvid Ake Scar at the University of Oslo And VGs commentator Don Sophie Aglen Politicians in Sporting have previously said that passenger homes really seem to be considered marginal benefits, one should not have only if needed.

When asked by the head of Sporting about evaluating commuter housing as a perk, he begins with another conclusion:

– Many pages are viewed in these commuter homes, he begins.

He says he understands the rules

After three minutes and three questions, the Sorting leader answers the question.

– Yes or no, do you feel that passenger housing is seen as a privilege?

– The President says that we had some cases, which unfortunately may have been seen as such in some personal cases.

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Cleaning job: The leader of the Sporting Masood Karahkani (Labor Party) is responsible for restoring confidence in Sporting after numerous revelations about representatives who received goods they did not own.

Following the revelations about passenger housing this fall, there is a review tone that the terms for allocating apartments are not very clear. The regulations stipulate that delegates must be registered to obtain commuter homes or live more than 40 kilometers away from Sorting.

– There was a need for clarification, says Gharahkhani.

– Do people need it because they have poor reading comprehension or because they think words are bad?

– For my part, I understood that and trained for 40 kilometers.

– This also applies to the majority of recipients of passenger homes. But, within 40 kilometers someone needed an explanation as to whether the house was full or partial.

Understand himself: Karahkani has a passenger house and says he has no problem understanding the need to be a resident of more than 40 kilometers from Storting.

– Question I ask many people

This is not the first time Sorting’s management has been held accountable for violating the rules by Sorting politicians. Tax law And the benefits received are not what most people get. Explanations of “weak guidance” and “some control questions” will be a recurring theme as the media constantly brings forward new issues.

Enjoying at the same time Nav customers And Students To get big money claims, police reports or imprisonment if they misunderstand the rules. Critics line up, pointing out that elected officials have not met the tough demands.

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– Why is there such a big difference in how elected representatives and others are treated, when it comes to their own responsibility for their own forms, you have to sign yourself and deliver before you can get anything from the community?

– This is a question that comes from many. I get it when I shop at my Convenience Store in Drammen. And I think this is a question that needs to be asked at the right time.

The President elaborates:

– Therefore, it is important for me and the President to add words in the form of a duty you have to report. You have a duty to inform the tax administration and verify that you are in a tax situation.

– The same requests will be made to 169 Sorting and other citizens.

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