– I am glad that my grandmother is not alive

– I am glad that my grandmother is not alive

– I am very angry and upset, says Sophie Bott Jensen.

KNUST: – I am very angry and upset. And while thinking a little about what happens in Norway during the day, Sophie Bode Jensen tells VG. Photo: Private

Sophie was with her sister Andrea at the Jewish cemetery in Lade in Trondheim on Monday. It was a sad sight to meet them.

Disclose the damage: Sophie Bott Jensen published this post on Monday. Photo: From Facebook

“Andrea and I had to go to the Jewish cemetery in Trh this morning. Vandalism was carried out here over the weekend, and many graves have been destroyed. Those killed during the Holocaust, or those who survived, were not allowed to rest in peace, even in death,” he wrote. Facebook update Monday.

– I came to know about it on Sunday evening and went there to see it. It's not funny, Bode Jensen tells VG.

The 42-year-old said many family burial sites were vandalized.

– The saddest thing is the burial place of a married couple who were killed Auschwitz Destroyed says Bot Jensen.

Destroyed: Jewish families Photo: Private

To escape the Nazis

Sophie was the granddaughter of Sonja Bott, sister of the well-known post-war politician and lawyer Leon Bott.

Leon Bode
<-Leon Bode

A well-known post-war politician and lawyer

Sonja, Leon, their two siblings and both parents were not arrested State Police At the end of 1942 he was able to go to Sweden. Sonja was 17 years old then. When the war ended in 1945 the family returned to Trondheim.

But many Jews stayed Arrested and sent to death In Hitler's extermination camps.

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Trøndelag Police District reports that a person suspected of vandalism has been arrested.

– A case has been opened against a person suspected of vandalizing the cemetery, prosecutor Mette Kollstrøm says in a call to VG.

Kollstrøm says they currently have no evidence to suggest that the man was not questioned, and that vandalism specifically targeted a Jewish cemetery.

Leif Knudsen
<-Leif Knudsen

The Mosaic Faith Community in Oslo

Earlier this year, VG wrote about the persecution of Jews in Norway after the October 2023 war in Gaza.

From Leif Knutsen The Mosaic Society VG in Oslo says it knows about the case.

– As far as I know, vandalism has not been done anywhere else in the tomb, and it seems likely that this person isolated the Jewish tomb and went after the Jewish symbols, he says.

Knudsen makes it clear that he doesn't know the motive of the vandal.

– But there are people looking for an excuse to commit vandalism. One can ask, he says, if there is something in the exchange of words and the situation that would make Jewish targets attractive and receptive.

Sisters: Andrea (from left), Julie and Sophie Bode Jensen. Photo: Private

Sophie Bodd Jenssen said she had never experienced vandalism at the cemetery before, but she and other families have received many ugly comments about their Jewish background and Jews in general over the years.

– He says that the rise of anti-Semitism in Norway these days is frightening and saddening.

– Anger and sorry

“We are tired of Norwegians who say that anti-Semitism is not a problem. We are tired of people who think they have the right to define us and classify us as good or bad based on their own political agenda. Our thousands of years of history, our identity, our appearance (… .) We are tired of ignorant, historyless people trying to rewrite .

– I am very angry and upset. Little wonder what's going on in Norway these days. We see swastikas drawn all around. Patti tells Viji that she is not alive now and doesn't have to see this here.

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