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Torunn Austdal Rasmussen

– I hope they have more than they go out for, of course I do, says Doren Astel Rasmussen to NRK.

In early September, the news broke – Police have arrested a 50-year-old man and registered a case against him For the 1995 assassination of Birgitte Tengs. At the same time, police went out and said the same person was suspected in the 2000 murder of Tina Jørgensen (20).

Suspect: A 50-year-old man has been charged with the murder of Birkit Dengs and Tina Jorgensen is suspected of murder. He denies criminal offense.

Photo: Private

Astel Rasmussen was notified that the man was arrested at 09.10 the same day he was arrested. Later, she was in a meeting with the police, mainly informed about things she already knew through the media.

Since his arrest, the 50-year-old man has been the subject of several, lengthy interrogations. The topics of the early investigations were mainly related to the Dengs case, but gradually the Jர்கrgensen case was also raised.

Jorgensen’s mother says she did not know much about what the police asked the suspect.

– They didn’t tell me, I understand it. I think it is very good that they keep the cards close to the chest. One does not need to know everything. So, I hope they have a little more, but I do not need to know more until they decide what will happen, says Astel Rasmussen and aim for future trial.

Do not dare to believe the solution

Astal Rasmussen added that it was a difficult time after the person was arrested.

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– Of course it’s hard. I have bad nights, waking up every night, but I think the layman didn’t notice me. Yesterday I sat in the concert hall in Stavanger and was invited to the TV campaign as the executive chairman of Kleb Municipality. I’m so glad I have to do something. I am working.

For NRK and several media outlets, police have previously confirmed that they have no DNA traces in the Jorgensen case. The DNA case centered on DNAD.

Tina Jorgensen

Unresolved: Tina Jorgensen went missing the night before Sunday, September 24th. It took her six weeks to find out.

Photo: Police

Many pieces of evidence in the Jorgensen case were thrown out many years ago. The NRK asked Astal Rasmussen about this earlier this fall.

She then replied that she had pushed back that disappointment, but could not understand that evidence had been thrown at the unsolved murder case. Many years after the murder, she did not know if there was any hope in the confession.

– What do you think about the efforts of the police in this case?

– I did not expend energy on it, I did not. I said many times: The police were not well then. They didn’t do it. But I have more faith in the inquiry now than I did 20 years ago. They should be allowed to work quietly and peacefully.

– How confident are you that the case will be resolved?

Doron Astal Rasmussen

On Friday, Torunn Austdal Rasmussen presented at a press conference in Stavanger. He says he did not dare to believe anything about the case being resolved.

Photo: Anna Sormargan Westley / NRK

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– I have no faith. I take the coming as it is. I don’t have a lot of expectations on my face. I’m waiting. I was all the way – even before I was arrested in September, says Astal Rasmussen.

Investigate the witnesses

An important investigative action was taken by the police in the unresolved Jørgensen case Map the movements of the suspect That night a 20-year-old man was killed in September 2000 in Stavanger.

Tina Jorgensen went missing after a city tour in Stavanger in September 2000, when she was found by police in a manhole in a war church.

Discovered: Tina Jorgensen was found here, hidden in a basin in the war church. She was found several weeks after the last confirmed monitoring.

Photo: Kareena Johansson / NTB

Police are investigating base station information and a call from the suspect’s phone the night of the murder.

– We continue to work on the Jorgensen case. We have spent time interrogating suspects, and we are also interrogating witnesses involved in the Jorgensen case. Frederick Martin Soma, police attorney for the S-r-West police district, told NRK that we were conducting other investigations into the larger investigative material in the case.

– What movements have you mapped out?

– We are interested in mapping the movements of the suspects at the time of the disappearance of Tina Jorgensen, but I will not say much about what specific information the police have.

Soma says police have received more than 100 tips since his arrest (in the Tengs and Jørgensen cases), but only 2-3 new notes in recent weeks. A 50-year-old respectable man was also questioned once last week. Police say they have asked questions and have not yet planned a new investigation.

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– Are you close to the indictment in the Jurgenson case?

– We do not wish to say anything about the basis of suspicion in the Jørgensen case or the Tengs case. Soma says we will be back at a later date.

He says more information could be released next week when police decide whether to extend the man’s sentence further.

But while the police were holding the cards close to his chest, the man’s bodyguard loosened his veil a little.

Tina Jurgenson

STED: Police believe Tina Jorgensen was killed under the Bybruva in Stavanger. Forensic scientists have been working on the site since 2000.

Photo: Hansen, Alf Ove / NTP Scanpix

The defender believes the basis of the suspicion has not been strengthened

Defender Steen Christensen Police have responded to the release Suspicion against man.

– They did this before the prison meeting, but it was about the expectations that relatives and family would create. They later took charges in one of the most talked about murder cases in Norway (Tengs case, journ.anm.) Later, he was also a suspect in the Tina Jorgensen case. A case where the police are not sufficient for a charge, he says.

– It’s fine with transparency, but the way it is done in general, I react.

What did the police ask about the Jurgenson case during the investigation?

– What can I say, Tina Jorgensen was asked about her movements in Stavanger last weekend. To which he replied. Christensen says his explanation is consistent with previous explanations.

Stian Christensen

Defendant: Steen Christensen believes that the basis for suspicion in the Jorgensen case has not been strengthened.

Photo: Oystein Otterdal / NRK

Defendant believes that, based on his assessment, Jorgensen did not approach the indictment in the case.

– I will be careful in prosecuting now, but in my estimation, nothing has come out that strengthens the basis of suspicion after imprisonment.

The man denies any involvement in the killings of Birgitte Tengs and Tina Jørgensen.

NRK contacted Fredrik Soma at the police station after an interview with Christensen. He did not want to comment on security reports.

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