– I blush only to see my name on the caption – Dagsavisen

– I blush only to see my name on the caption – Dagsavisen

A lot happens during the day, with Aaseth laughing from the car on a slightly unstable phone line.

She explains that she’s on her way through the woods to create a scenography for NRK Super about celebrities chasing children in the field. Hilda Aseth is not a celebrity – yet. But you’ve certainly seen some of what I’ve worked with as a set designer: the environment in which celebrities move into, whether it’s NRK’s ​​flagship investment “Maestro”, NRK Super’s “Brillebjørn”, the regular TV2 “Farmen” or big theatrical shows and events like “Gullruten” Behind them is the product designer from Gresvik.

Renewal for children and with them

On Friday this week, TV2 Play released eight episodes of the new series My New Room, in which friends and family were able to nominate kids they think deserved a nursery upgrade. The first episode of the 11-year-old Lykke was recorded in Fredrikstad.

– It’s a very nice project, and the program is also available in Denmark. When I was asked to take on this task, I said no at first. I blushed just to be in the caption. Then they said “Look at the Danish show,” and I did. And she was very impressed, says Aseth on how to convince her to get out of her comfort zone.

turn on TV2, "my new room"

While she is otherwise accustomed to sketching and making long lists to professionals of everything they need to do, in my “new room” she had to do most of the work herself. She explains that this is also part of the point.

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– Here we do that soul, we! There is no design team involved, I just do the building with good help from the candidate and maybe someone from the family. Children help a lot! Since it is a program aimed at children, we cannot accept sponsorship and therefore have less money to spend. But with that said, we can also show how far we’ve come with creativity, and that these are affordable projects for most people.

The rooms have been renovated and decorated in the children’s buildings. Here the focus is not on interior trends, but on children’s interests and where they are in life now: Adrian from Prestfoss wanted a proper robbery room, Lykke from Fredrikstad dreamed of a place where her creativity could flourish and Maria needed a better space Create TikToks with her best friend.

turn on TV2, "my new room"

Good experience

Hilda doesn’t think she’s going to become famous in the first place and hasn’t really thought about what it would be like to admit it just yet.

– What was nice is that I knew the place well before, even though I wasn’t in front of the camera. It wasn’t about me, the focus was on the kids and being healthy.

However, she did a quick check with her 14-year-old daughter before saying yes: Is it okay for my mom to agree to something like that? Or was it too small to see her on TV? Perhaps it was enough for the father, Hans Aseth, to appear on television, often as a lead on shows like Allsang på Grensen?

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– Then she answered, “But that’s how you are, Mom,” and then it was decided. This is my chance to use my profession for something very beautiful. If war breaks out, nobody really needs a set designer, but here I can help give the kids a good experience, concludes the new host.

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