June 9, 2023


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- I cried for several hours - VG

– I cried for several hours – VG

Strong responses: Helen Simonsen has been a fan of Spider-Man since childhood.

Helen Simonsen, 24, was scheduled to watch “Spider-Man: No Way Home” on the day of its premiere. She thinks SF Studios delaying the movie took away from fans something that meant a lot to them.


I honestly think I cried for hours on and off. It was very heavy, because it was a heavy year and I was really looking forward to the two and a half hours to experience the magical cinema. I feel they have taken away from us something that means a lot to me and to many in Norway, Simonsen tells VG.

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Screening of the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in Norway

She and her boyfriend got tickets to the premiere of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Wednesday night in Bergen, but on Tuesday came the message from Norwegian distributor SF Studios that The premiere is postponed to January 14th – It could be longer.

strong feedback

Many fans responded. They sent emails to VG, wrote in the comments field and created it Group protesting the decision of SF in Facebook. At 4pm on Wednesday, it has just over 1,100 members. He also created signature campaign About 1,400 signatures to speed up the premiere.

Exposed: Image from “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

SF justified the decision with licensee Sony by the fact that they did not reach the film’s audience target with the current restrictions.

We know why we appreciate the movie and what its odds are, and we see that we don’t get it with the limitations now. The film’s marketing director, Catherine Amoudt at SF Studios, said they wanted us to move the premiere, to VG.

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Criticism: Helen Simonsen wonders, among other things, why the movie wasn’t made with space constraints. Image reproduced with permission.

Simonsen and many fans responded to this.

– There are many disturbing things, she says, and points out that other films still go to the cinema with 50-square-meter restrictions.

Waiting for a response from Sony

VG sent several questions to SF Studios on Wednesday in which they referred to Sony Studios. Sony Studios London referred questions to headquarters in Los Angeles. VG will discuss the answers when these come up.

Leading roles: Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland arrive in Los Angeles on December 13.

– This is a global cultural event that SF announced that Norway is out. Then they misunderstood their own market. People will download the movie illegally, and others have already bought tickets in Sweden or Denmark to watch it there, Simonsen says and continues:

People should watch this movie at all costs. Wouldn’t it be better then for SF to contribute a little more by setting up more shows and transferring tickets and letting us see the movie with 50 in each hall? If it’s all about the money, they don’t care about their fan base or their customers.

High Voltage: A scene from the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

She believes that for fans who have been searching for the movie for months, spoilers can’t be prevented from showing up on mobile, even if they don’t actively search for it.

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– To think that such a number will come to the cinema in a month, this is fundamentally wrong. I would say it is the movie of the decade, and there will never be such an experience again. You can go to Kurt Nielsen’s Christmas party next year, and it’s absolutely beautiful. But Simonsen claims you can’t enjoy this movie when it’s “rotten” to you.

– Huge joy

She herself had thought about seeing her in Sweden, but she did not want to risk spreading the infection.

– I feel that it is stupid that the film means a lot to me, but it was two very difficult years with Corona, but the cinema was safe. For some people, a movie is what you have to take a break from your own life. It is such a pleasure that people are shocked at the cinema. Simonsen says I don’t understand how they can do such a thing to us.

– It’s all about money and what they want to earn from it, she claims.

Coming up: Tom Holland in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

On Wednesday at 12.20 SF Studios VG sent a series of questions about why the film was not set to a maximum of 50, fans believe it is impossible to avoid spoilers, about “threats” about boycotts, download hacking and escape to neighboring countries, as well as allegations that they are making a profit in front of the fan base.

SF answered at 13 that these are questions Sony Pictures should answer. The message at 4.30pm is that the questions have been sent to Sony’s head office in Los Angeles, which is nine hours behind Norway.

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