– I didn’t want to do that – VG

- I didn't want to do that - VG
Bard: – It was very difficult and I worked with a nice group. But I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to make “Late Night” a completely different way. This is from the last broadcast in May 2021.

Stian Blipp didn’t enjoy the “Late Night” job and couldn’t see himself on TV. A new podcast reveals that Solveig Kloppen was intended to be a talk show partner.


– It was very difficult and I worked with a nice group. But I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to make “Late Night” a completely different way. I didn’t want to do “Late Night with Thomas and Harald” only with Stian and Helene instead.

This is what Stian Bleib said in the podcast “Shy” where Solveig Kloppen was a guest.

On the podcast, Kloppen confirmed that she was offered to be the host of “Sinkfield” with Stian Bleib before Helen Olafsen took over from Thomas Nome and Harald Runeberg.

SENKVELD: – I didn’t recognize the guy who was there, says Stian Blipp about “Senkveld” he directed with Helene Olafsen on TV 2.

– I felt it wasn’t a good fit for me. I never dreamed of leading a Friday show and didn’t want to move to a full format either, says Solveig Kloppen.

It attracted attention when it became known in February of last year Stian Bleib wanted to quit in late Time of night”. At the time, he and Helen Olafsen had directed “Senkveld” on TV 2 since the fall of 2018. Blipp was known at the time as the host of “Norwegian Talents,” “Gullruten,” “Idol,” “Mitt Dansecrew,” and “The Stian Blip Show.” “. It also marks the end of “late night” that closed in the spring of 2021.

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SENKVELD: In the podcast, Solveig Kloppen confirmed that she was offered to host “Senkveld” with Stian Blipp.

The job means a lot to me. I thought they were superstars. But I was never able to watch the program on TV. I didn’t recognize the man who was there. What you gave didn’t mean much to me, but it mattered to many and was important to a large organization. Bleib continues that the things that become important are difficult to do anything about.

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Solveig Kloppen ends on TV 2

He does not hide the fact that under such conditions he can easily become a “pain in the ass”, angry and childish. Nevertheless, he is glad that he had the opportunity.

– But at the same time I don’t think TV itself is very exciting, TV is nothing. Blipp says it’s cool to be on TV, it’s well paid, but it doesn’t apply to me.

– Stan has his story of what it was like to work with Sinkfield during his years there, and he is of course free to tell him what it was like. No need to comment on what he has to say, TV 2 Press Director Jan-Petter Dahl tells VG.

As for Kloppen’s offer to become host of “Sinkfield,” Dahl says:

When Thomas and Harald decided to give up, we had several exploratory conversations with several of the current candidates before we ended up with Helen and Stian. The duo proved successful from the first broadcast.

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FYI: “Rådvill” is a VG podcast on PodMe, owned by Schibsted.

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