– I feel like I can barely get up – VG

– I feel like I can barely get up – VG

Six became five after another singer had to get rid of the mask – this time a mermaid. Haddy Njie (42) is “very pregnant” and feels really good now.


It was fun to be visible and invisible at the same time. I really enjoyed that,” Njie said with a smile after revealing himself.

Njie admits to VG after the broadcast that it was a special thing to crawl ahead.

Watch all the dice roll further in the article – Participation in the mascara of the Prophet.

– Yes, it was a little exhausting, because I was very protected behind the mask.

It was also weird for the NRK star to be surrounded by as many people she knows – and at the same time, she’s in hiding.

Those in production didn’t know it I She was a mermaid, she says.

High heart rate and shortness of breath

In September the news came that She and her husband, Trond Gesek, are expecting children again. The 42-year-old explains that pregnancy was difficult this time.

– Now I’m very pregnant, my heart rate is high, and I’m holding my breath. I feel like I can barely get up. I have weighed ten kilograms and am a bit relaxed now, she says of the director.

The contrast was great between “Maskorama” and everyday life at home, where I wear baggy pants and a nursing bra. I only wear leggings and bras under this outfit, Hadi laughs.

Who are the participants?? Here are all the hints

– Nobody misses me

The TV celebrity did not believe that it was difficult to hide the engagement from the outside world.

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– I don’t have a very social life and I’m mostly with family. Nobody misses me at parties on Saturdays or on social media. But some good friends have asked, and then you tell them to lie, she says.

Exterior: Hadi Nji after deworming.

Hadi Nagy is a well-known singer. She has released albums and played in musicals. You won’t wonder why I smoked tonight.

The others are five incredibly good singers, she says.

– Santa too?

– Yes, Santa makes a show, Nji laughs and adds:

– It was very fun to be with.

– Not good at celebrities

Marion Raven (37) guessed Haddy Njie was a mermaid — and she guessed correctly last Saturday, too.

Hadi himself has no idea about the others.

– I’m not good at celebrities, so I say the same thing as Marion. Listen to it!

It was the mermaid and Santa Claus who collected the fewest votes tonight, but Santa Claus is with us.

Music critic Tor Martin Bowie rolled the dice. VG readers gave their verdict, too. Not least, everyone can still guess who is behind the costumes Great Prophet Masurama.

(The article continues under the dice)

the Frog And lucky pig He actually had to leave the show, which includes singing, but he still doesn’t claim to be a singing competition.

Update on tips? check here

More: Santa Claus during tonight’s broadcast.

secret store enormous. Participants do not know who is competing. Host Selge Norden had no idea who was hiding behind the masks.

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Jenny Scaflan on speculation: – I sing like a crow

New Abed stunt?

More than 50 percent of those who guessed Prophet Maskurama Last week, I think it was the former culture minister who was hiding behind Santa Claus.

VGTV asked Raja what he thinks of the speculation. And he answered that:

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