– I feel like I deserve a second chance – VG

- I feel like I deserve a second chance - VG
International Fame: Anna Sorokin in the New York State Supreme Court in 2019.

Convicted fraud Anna Sorokin, 31, has been released from prison, but is under house arrest in New York.


The 31-year-old also known as Anna Delphi, Escape from prison In New York at the beginning of this month.

She is now under alleged house arrest with an electronic ankle chain, while it is decided whether she should be deported outside the United States and returned to Europe.

In a TV interview with CNN Jake Taber On Wednesday this week, Sorokin clearly expressed her lack of interest in leaving the country.

– If so, I should leave, and say sort of: “Yes, yes, whatever, now I can only move.” to Europe.” After that, it just means that I have to accept these stickers they are trying to put on me, says Sorokin CNN.

I feel like I deserve a second chance. It was a mistake and I finished serving my time. “I think I should get another chance,” she says.

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Background: The woman who deceived everyone

She racked herself up in the millions and tricked the New York elite into thinking she was a rich heiress.

Claiming to be a German heiress with a fortune of 60 million euros, Sorokin took over the elite of New York in 2016-2017. on me Instagram Jet Life Group presented.

False heir

In fact, Sorokin was a Russian immigrant, without much money, and lived in Germany since 2007, before moving to the United States in 2013.

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At the time, it was announced that Sorokin could apply for parole after serving four years of his sentence. However, she was released from prison after serving three years.

Shortly after his release last February, the 31-year-old was arrested and detained by immigration authorities for overstaying his residence permit.

A number of media outlets have since reported that she wants it They are being deported from the United Stateswhich has not yet happened.

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Serious: Anna Sorokin on the podium of the New York State Supreme Court in March 201

When Sorokin was now released, it was on bail of NOK 100,000, because the judge concluded she posed no danger to society. I was denied access to all social media pending the outcome of the case.

The 31-year-old says in the interview with CNN She is “very happy” to be released from prison.

I feel like I have a chance to right everything I did wrong.

around the face of the stone

Sorokin has received much attention for showing what has been described as a stone face at court.

– Somehow, they made a show for me, and then let me stand at it. I’m not trying to glorify my criminal acts, and I don’t want to lead anyone to believe this is the way to become famous, she says.

– I have suffered greatly because of this, although it does not seem so. I won’t sit on the TV and cry.

The magazine revealed the story of the fake heir for the first time New York. The story has since become known to many through the Netflix series “Inventing Anna”.

Sorokin signed a deal with Netflix, which purchased the rights to her story.

According to the verdict, Sorokin was ordered to pay compensation of 199,000 dollars and a fine of 24,000 dollars. She was able to compensate herself financially due to the income from the TV deal.

Actress Julia Garner (28) plays Sorokin in the Netflix series:

TV series: Julia Garner as Anna Sorokin in “Inventing Anna”.

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