June 6, 2023


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I got four times the compensation after traveling in business class with seat damage to Shanghai

I got four times the compensation after traveling in business class with seat damage to Shanghai

A passenger purchased a return business class flight with Air France from Oslo via Paris to Shanghai, departing on August 6, 2020. The cost of the flight was approximately NOK 60,000. On the road between Paris and Shanghai, her seat could not be adjusted backwards and she believes she thus could not have access to the service she had paid for.

Gave a travel check as a gesture

Neither the personnel on board nor the repairman who came on the plane during a layover in Seoul were able to arrange the stubborn plane seat. KLM offered the airline passenger a travel check for 2,030 NOK for damage and arson for a damaged airline seat. The company pointed out that, with the exception of the seat that cannot be folded back, the passenger can bring more luggage and obtain priority service and access to the lounge, as well as special meals.

– As a gesture, they gave the complainant a receipt as a result of this incident, and they cannot accept the complainant’s claim for additional compensation, KLM wrote in the complaint.

The KLM passenger did not find herself on the gesture, she complained to the Transportation Complaint Board about the airline. The complainant demanded cash compensation of 10,000 kroner and did not want the voucher given from KLM, as she was not able to travel due to covid-19 anyway.

The Transportation Appeal Board fully agrees with the passenger

The Transportation Complaints Board writes in its decision that as the Board considers that the seat portion of the agreement could have been closed, complaints were entered into with KLM when it purchased a business class ticket on a long-haul flight. They concluded that the airline had provided a defective service that it was unable to correct.

– The price reduction shall constitute the difference with and without defect, in which case it shall be determined at the discretion, as stated in the decision.

The court fully agrees with the airline passenger and believes that the fare reduction in this case should be set at NOK 10,000 at its discretion, and the coupon omitted. The court recommends that Kuwait Airways pay this amount to the air passenger.

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